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  1. I was on Diane 35 for around 8 months, super happy with the results. I have always struggled with hormonal acne. Though my dermatologist wasn't concerned about the health risks because I'm pretty active, I asked to switch knowing the long term risks. She put me on ortho tri-cyclen. I just finished my first cycle and I'm very upset about my skin. I went from having no pimples and only minor acne scarring (that I worked so hard to get it from severe/moderate to mild!!), to having developed 3 cysti
  2. I was on Diane for close to a year and my dermatologist said I was low risk because I lead an active life style. There are a lot of risks with Diane, mainly blood clots. http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/health-canada-warns-about-acne-drug-diane-35-1.541158 I went off a month ago (I requested to switch, because of health risks) and she put my on ortho tri-cyclen.. I went from nearly perfect skin (only some minor scars, I have been working sooo hard to get rid of them! and no pimples) to havin