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  1. I have just started getting adjusted, so we will see if it helps!
  2. I have had good results with Ortho Cyclen (Sprintec) and Spiro. I started taking Spiro a little over a year ago, and am up to 150 mg/day. I do break out sometimes (not usually bad) and I am constantly terrified that my skin will be disgusting again and I will need to go in hiding! I really hate the feeling that my life stops when I have bad skin, but it does. It's not so much how I look, but how I feel. I have decided that if my skin ever gets bad again I will get acupuncture. It has helpe
  3. I was wondering about acupuncture- it has helped a lot in the past with my migraines. I am glad you got some good results! And there is hope for the rest of us! I have been very afraid that my medication will stop working and I will have to be a hermit again, so that gives me a backup. Thanks for the info!
  4. hey! it was good actually i forgot about it and no one seemed to notice. the makeup worked really well too. thanks. yea i'm super hopeful about my derm appt geez i hope it goes well!

  5. I feel for you- that must be really hard! My skin has been bad in the past- it is very hard on your self esteem and it stops my life when it is really bad. Spironolactone helps a lot! Not sure if you have tried this or if you can take it. I was thinking if it ever got bad again I would try accupuncture and/or an endocrinologist. I know mine is hormonal. Good luck!
  6. Hi! How was your play? I feel for you- I want to stay home if I have a breakout- I can't imagine being in a play! People just don't understand how debilatating (sp?) it is to have bad skin. It can stop my whole life pretty much! Sad! Good luck next week!

  7. Hi! I am doing ok skin wise right now, but just wondering about accutane (if it would ever come to that). What is the usual dosage and length of treatment? I know it depends on the person but I am just curious/confused. Is this something you take for 6 or 8 weeks straight and then you are done with it? How does it stop your acne after you stop taking the medication? Thanks for being patient!
  8. Along the same lines... I never use anything on my face to cleanse or for treatment anymore. Just eye makeup remover. Kinda gross, but whenever I use anything I get bad skin! I am also on 150mg of Spiro and Sprintec so I know that helps too, but I have talked to a lot of girls who tell me the same thing (and they have nice skin naturally). It's hard to stop using stuff, goes against everything we have learned.
  9. Hi! I am sorry- a lot of people don't understand how acne can stop your whole life! I am very jealous of the people who don't have to worry about it. Hopefully you will find something- have you tried spironolactone? That has been great for me! Good luck!
  10. Hi! I used Diane-35 for 2 or 3 years and it worked great! Then it stopped working last year and my skin was super bad (you shouldn't have to worry about your skin at age 29!!). Now I am taking Ortho Cyclen (Sprintec) birth control pill and take 150 mg Spironolactone and my skin is great! I love it! Good luck!
  11. I have been on Spiro for about 7 months with awesome results (150 mg per day) and I am really freaking out that it will stop working and my skin will be awful again! Have a lot of you had good results for a while and then it stops working? If so, how long into it?
  12. I am VERY frustrated right now!!!!! I have been on 100mg Spiro for about a month (a little over I think) and my skin seemed to be getting a lot better. Well last week I got 2 big zits (kinda cyst-like) and today I have started getting one more. I seriously am going to freak out soon if my skin keeps acting like this... I hear Spiro takes about 3 months to see the full effect (from some posts on this site). I am also on Sprintec (Ortho Cyclen). Does anyone have any suggestions as to speed t
  13. I have wondered about them as well... but I am to freaked out to try them. I would think they almost make things worse, don't they?
  14. I often wonder that myself- I am so jealous of people who never have to worry about their skin!! They just don't get it- they think it's not a big deal... I wish everyone would have bad skin for at least a while to experience it- it's not just a vanity thing. It's a self esteem thing- I feel awful about myself and am very depressed when my skin sucks. It's not fun. It is getting better now though