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  1. I had the procedure done last friday, dermapen, for mild acne scarring. its been 48 hours, the estethician who did it to me told me not to use sunscreen for 4 days because of the chemicals that it has and that my skin is opened and dilated. However i think shes exagaggerating a bit and that by now i should be ready to use it ? zinc oxide sunscreen for now im only using moisturizing cream. thankks
  2. elpollo92

    Scraped acne scar

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah a sim ejector tool is not even sharp so I really got surprised it scabbed over the scar. I think it was just scraped so hopefully in a few weeks it'll look as it did before. Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone, unfortunately I did something very stupid, I have a small acne scar which is like 10 months old that was getting almost undetectable at all, it was pink and the pit was not even noticeable anymore. Myself, very stupidly thought it was a good idea to grab a sim ejector tool and pass it over several times in the scar to see if it would cause a wound and collagen to fill over it. Turns out that I stopped doing it as soon as I noticed the scar got very red, it didn't bled or anything however a scab formed the following day and it fell off like 4 days afterwards. It's been one week now since I did it and the scar area looks very red, and it doesn't look deeper, but it looks wider as if the scar covers more of the skin now, this has me very depressed and im so stupid for doing it do u think this may have caused permanent damage to it or will it go back to its previous status which I actually was ok with? Please help