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  1. Since someone decided to bump this.. These past few weeks I've reduced my masturbation to twice a week (previously 5-7 times a week). My face is clearing up dramatically; my chin/upper lip/forehead are completely clear of pimples and I havn't had a whitehead form in a week or so which has never happened before. HOWEVER! I am not saying that the reduced masturbation is the direct cause for this. More than likely it is a combination of things: I've now been off differin for almost a month, been
  2. Doesn't look quite like a cyst yet in my opinion..the best thing you can do is just ice it for a couple minutes (but not directly in contact with ice). I wouldn't suggest rubbing all this bp and junk on it; it may aggravate it. Cysts usually are harder I think than papules and that looks like a papule, and cysts are usually sensitive/painful to the touch. If it is a cyst, though (i.e. it continues to swell), DO NOT aggravate it. You will 100% get a scar that will last longer than you ever want
  3. Wow I notice this EXACT same thing too. Whenever I pass by a car and look into the mirror..my face looks absolutely hideous. Or when I'm driving and look at my reflection in the overhead mirrors..a monster. But at home, I pretty good in my bathroom mirror (however the lighting in my house is yellowish so it makes me look better than in natural light) I also wonder whether people see my "bathroom face" or my "car face". I always avoid looking at my reflection outside in some mirror: it's just h
  4. I grew out of mine. It was mild on my back a few years ago..but I never worried about my back at all..and a few years later I checked and it was gone (lol) My suggestion is don't mess with it, and forget it. No one sees your back anyway, and if you must, just avoid swimming.
  5. How do you do a liver flush? I just see some people say they fast and eat a bunch of weird foods but..what do you actually do?
  6. Sunlight is the worst. I ONLY feel insecure outside. In a classroom or anywhere else I'm fine.
  7. You should start seeing results in a month or two. The latest 3 months I'd say. It's important you only use it at night, though, and don't mix it with other chemicals. Just use a simple cleanser at night then differin.
  8. No it's not even really severe..it's just a small clump of spots that just always seem to be flaky and never seem to heal.
  9. I have acne on my cheeks and the skin on it is very flaky/sensitive. When I sleep and wake up I notice that my pillowcase has blood stains and yellow stains on it. Obviously this from the abrasion of my cheeks on my pillow when I'm tossing and turning when I sleep. This is preventing my cheeks from ever healing..it's just constantly bloody and irritating and probably spreading bacteria (one of the reasons my acne is predominantly on my cheeks?) Any of you had to deal with this? I do change my p
  10. Generally what happens for most people is that the first week is nice and clear and pumps you up, but usually around the second~ week you start breaking out like mad. After you get through that though, you'll start clearing up. So keep at it for at least a month I'd say.