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  1. Hey! Because you haven't had any acne problems before with your usual skincare routine, it's more likely to be the pill which is causing the acne. Different pills have different affects on people, and some pills are even used to stop acne. You could ask your doctor about the different types of pill. I've had acne for over a year now and I started taking Rigvideon in September which didn't seem to make my acne any better or worse. But I've heard Yasmin is a better type of pill to take for acne
  2. Cleared my acne and dry skin! (Olive Oil)

    I've had constant acne for over a year now and a few months ago I decided that I'd had enough of having painful acne and low confidence. I did a lot of research regarding natural treatments and I found the Oil Cleansing Method. I will never go back! I'll never use chemicals on my skin again which left my skin dry, oily, irritated and covered in acne. I decided to combine the OCM with a banana peel mask that I do 1-2 times a day so I recommend having a look at that treatment as well, as these tw
  3. HumanKale

    My skin cure!

    My skin cure!

    I've had constant acne for over a year now, whereas I used to only get breakouts every now and then. It's been painful and given me low confidence and a few months ago I decided I'd had enough. I had tried everything, different natural treatments, cleansers and chemicals like benzyl peroxide, but nothing worked and I ended up having reaction after reaction to the benzyl peroxide. But then I saw this and decided I'd give it a shot before I booked myself an appointment at the doctors for medicatio