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  1. Thanks I just hope others give this a try too and gain the results i did.
  2. I'm only going to keep these on for a week because I don’t really want these pics on the net But I thought some people might find it useful The first 2 pics were taken on november 9th 07 During the week after my acne got to the worst it had been So I went to the doctors and she gave me zineryt, it’s like a liquid you rub onto your face morning and night to kill bacteria Anyway I started to see results after a month 2 months later most my acne had gone but I still had loads of red marks I
  3. I had one of those on my nose, just leave it alone and it should fade away within a few days
  4. Ok thanks a lot, guess i'll give it a good try then and hopefully it will work.
  5. Well today I finally went to the doctors. I was hoping to get something quite strong for my acne as I do believe it is getting much worse. Instead I was given a bottle of Zineryt and I have to try this out for a few months before anything stronger. Has anyone on here tried it? Because I’m thinking it’s going to be a waste of time. I will upload some pics up soon and see what you think
  6. Hang in there mate, there is definite improvement. And just remember, in another month the results will be even better!
  7. Ah right thanks, its just that when i do click on the "chat" button it comes up with a message saying i must be a member for at least a week and have at least 10 posts.
  8. I was wondering if anyone knows any possible reasons why I can’t enter the chat room. I have been a member for over a week and had over 10 posts. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. You have a great attitude and have inspired me and many more by the looks of things. Good luck with the tane.
  10. When i shave my acne tends to go worse, i think it irritates the skin, but other people on this forum have said shaving makes their acne better, everyone is different, best off trying it for yourself and see what happens.
  11. I recently went to Paris for a week, it was hard to order most foods as they couldn't speak a word of English most of the time, I ended up eating McDonalds everyday, by the end of the week I just didn’t feel fit, and had more breakouts than ever, even if it doesn't effect your acne, I wouldn't eat it anyway because it cant be good for any part of your body or health in general.
  12. I am really going to give this a go, like you said, I have tried it before and eaten the odd bar of chocolate, and it really doesn’t work if you do that.