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  1. I have some eczema spots on my face and they kind of itch (looks like dark spots kind of). I have this special medicine to treat the eczema on my face and it works well which I've had since the beginning of 2007.. but will this product work well with eczema? If so, would it be a good idea to apply the DKR products during mornings and apply my eczema medicine during nights only?
  2. Ok I just used this product tonight and I have to say that my face feels fresh, tingly, and mint right after using it. Only problem is I can feel my face drying a little bit, but there isnt any irratation or redness for me. Also, I can see some wrinkles under my eyes, above my mouth area when I smiled in the mirror. Is this normal? I'd use sunscreen, but I am sure my face is sensitive to them because its itches and burns, so I'm leaving that out (even though the bottle says you need to apply su
  3. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer IMO. I like to use it because I find it to be much more calm than Cetaphil, and it doesnt leave any oily residue.
  4. How would you treat oily skin for this regimen? I have a lot of excess oil, but will this regimen work for oily skin as well? And is it safe to use Aveeno Daily moisturizer on the face after applying these C&C products?
  5. You should have got your order already. I think the cheapest one is UPS Ground 1-6 days? I forget.
  6. Alright thanks. Btw, for moisturizers... since I have very oily skin, am I suppose to apply more or less of the moisturizer? And in the morning or the evening?
  7. Do you still use all 3 DK products? Or did you switch one out?? I was thinking of using DK's cleanser and BP, but then use Aveeno as a moisturizer. Do you recommend it?
  8. Dans Cleanser Dans BP Aveeno Daily Moisturizer I find Aveeno much better to use for flaking and dry skin on my face, so is that fine? Or would I be better off with Dans Cleanser? Also, how much BP bottles do I need for 4-5 months? Please let me know asap, thanks!
  9. Btw, when you use the Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser... do you wash it off with cold, warm, or hot water?
  10. Ok this is probably my 3rd or 4th day using the AG Cleanser (both morning and night). I can see my face smoothing out everyday, but gradually. I woke up this morning and found a pimple on my forehead, and a few on the cheeks. Am I going through the initial breakout period for the AG cleanser? Did you guys experience it? If so, when should I start seeing clear face results? (1 wwek, 2week, etc.)
  11. Ok here's my current regimen: Morning Aqua Glycolic Cleanser Coppertone Oil free Sunscreen lotion w/ SPF 15 (I also want to add in the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, but I dont know if its a good idea to mix it with the Coppertone Sunscreen lotion) (I will also be receiving my Aqua Glycolic Toner tomorrow) Night Aqua Glycolic Cleanser Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Is this regimen good for daily use? Should I add a BP in the mix? I can also see my face clearing up little by little and the bumps ar
  12. great thanks! ill be waiting for my AG cleanser and AG toner. i think i can buy the aveeno ultra moisturizer at walgreens or target. i will probably start a blog since we dont have any AG personal progress journals w/ pictures.
  13. Ok so once I get these 3 items: AG facial cleanser, AG Toner, and Aveeno ultra calming lotion... which order should I apply each of them in the mornings? I know the AG facial cleanser goes first... then what about the toner and moisturizer?