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  1. Spectrojel is great, but if you wear makeup, you'll need something else to use in conjunction with it. I use a heavier cleanser at night (like Dove, Olay, etc. pretty much anything foaming that can remove makeup. It still has to be gentle.) and then I use Spectrojel in the morning. Spectrogel and Cetaphil are great at not messing with the pH of your skin, but are almost too gentle to remove makeup, so I find alternating them with another gentle cleanser works best for me.
  2. I have had very good results with Neostrata. Although it's not cheap, it has worked for me, and was actually recommended by my dermatologist. Actually, in Ontario, some of Neostrata can be covered by certain drug plans. My first use of Neostrata was the Acne Toning Solution. (It's about $21.00) Ask your dermatologist to prescribe this to you, but to get it covered by a drug plan, they have to ADD AN ANTIBIOTIC to it. My doctor added some percentage of clindimycin (or something similar. Dermat
  3. TaneVetGER, how old are you? I would almost suggest that maybe you have just proceeded more through puberty recently and this change in your skin is what you're noticing. Men's skin just gets thicker during puberty, and as your facial hair gets thicker, it can make your pores look bigger. Your skin looks like my husband's and he's never really had acne problems. I'm not trying to brush off your concerns, but this might be one of those "It looks horrible to me" (but other people don't notice)
  4. It looks to me like solar keratosis. At least, that's probably what those brown marks are, but they can come in a variety of colours and be of various shapes and sizes. It's from sun exposure and damage. You might want to get them checked out because sometimes they can develop into squamous cell carcinoma. It's not as dangerous as melanoma, but still serious.
  5. Accutane is not that bad. I have taken it twice and some of the side effects are bothersome at worst. I know some people have worse experiences, but not everyone does. My lips were really dry and my joints hurt occasionally (the pain is equal to if you had been sitting in one position for a while - youère a bit stiff when you get up- not that bad). And for the improvement I saw in my skin, it was totally worth it.
  6. There you go- you said it yourself. It's the water that helps improve skin, the lemon does nothing. Everyone knows that water is vital for good health, but your claims made it seem as if lemons had some sort of properties that were especially effective against acne. At least you finally admitted that there is no scientific support for your claims that lemons cleanse the body of toxins.
  7. It actually almost looks like a rash, because the bumps aren't that big, but there is a lot of redness. Your skin might be reacting to the benzoyl peroxide, but 2.5% is pretty gentle. Are you using a moisturizer? It's best to put moisturizer on after cleansing, because it acts as a buffer between your skin and the bp. Let it absorb for a few minutes, then slap on the bp. It reduces the amount of irritation bp often causes. Also, you might want to try switching from the cetaphil soap to th
  8. You have no proof that lemons "cleanse the body of toxins". True, pure lemon juice can kill germs, but not necessarily in your body. And how do you know that it actually removes these toxins and germs? So what is it about lemons? WHy not pineapples, or carrots, or butter? DO you see what I mean? You have no proof that lemons do anything. I'm not against natural remedies, I'm against these notions that certain things work when there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE. And hisashi, I do agree with
  9. Healedanonymous - you're so wrong it's almost humourous, if only other people didn't take your "advice" seriously.
  10. I'm tired of people spreading false hope with these "simple, all natural cures" that are supposed to work, but don't have any medical, scientific or evidenciary support to back up such claims. If drinking copious amounts of water cured acne, I wouldn't have it.
  11. You have no scientific or medical evidence to back up your claim that lemon water "detoxifies your liver and digestive system". Drinking water is good for your skin, but lemon water won't cure acne. If it was that easy, no one would have acne.
  12. I've been having great results with differin, so hopefully it will work for you, too!
  13. OK, first of all, YOU should not be choosing which birth control pill you're on. Your doctor should chose - although they are all birth control pills, certain pills have more or less of some side effects, depending on the progesterone/ estrogen ratio. Some are specifically targeted more towards helping skin (such as Diane 35) than others like Alesse, or other low-dose pills. What does buying your pills offline mean? Do you mean not from the internet? If you need more affordable birth control
  14. I popped my pimples from my initial breakout. I've always been a picker. I do think that it speeds up the healing, but that's my opinion. I know that with me, I only picked them because I had had these comedones on my cheeks for months that never fully went away, but with the differin, after I popped them, they were gone for good.
  15. Axl, you are an idiot. Depression is not about being "weak-minded". It's a disease, just like alcoholism or acne is a disease (or condition). Some people are more susceptible to depression, but it's not because of some character flaw or weak moral fibre. People who suffer from depression are not at "fault". That's like saying that someone who has lupus or epilepsy is at fault for their disease. People like you are the reason that depression carries such social stigma and why people are rel