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  1. Hey, thanks! I’m gluten free and vegan too, wheat and dairy and egg free too...I feel so glad my skin is so much better; but I literally only eat about three things...ca. I send somethings I was thinking of trying? To get your opinion on them? Also, now that the photos are working, what have you used to help with marks? My marks aren’t too bad, but some are quite dark and not fading for very long months, I’ve tried Bio-Oil, honey, apple cider vinegar-all a no go. Marks aren’t bad in lef
  2. Hi guys. It’s been forever since I’ve posted. Okay, here’s the issue. After battling acne since I was eight, I’m now turning eighteen and only now managed to stabilise it fairly good. But I’m so miserable and depressed because I can’t eat what I want. I’m not asking that I eat whatever I want, but I hope that you guys will be able to suggest things I could add into my diet so that my skin and body wouldn’t go against it. Breakfast-four slices of seeded brown bread (Bfree, gluten, whea
  3. OMG! Congrats! I’m seriously thinking of getting this now. Also would love to se progress pics!
  4. I am feeling the exact same way!!! My acne is in control but not the red marks on my cheeks, they’re horrible! And I never used to get bad acne at my chin or temples or jawline, just a few when I was really stressed, but now I have marks there now too!!
  5. Okay thank you. I will look it up. And I do not go out of the house at all. I don’t need to worry about sunlight from where I am from if I did. and yes, I am awaiting my confirmed appointment from the dermatologist.
  6. I think it is fine. you don't have to change anything. stay healthy. Okay, thank you. Do you have any advice on how to get rid of red marks/hyperpigmentation?
  7. oh okay. still be strong. it is fine even if you don't pop you pimples. your marks are not that bad and they will go away. the only thing i noticed is that avoiding anything that comes from a cow helps. i don't know anything else about diet. keep it normal. but you should able to detect what makes it worse. avoid those foods. don't go too hard on your skin, don't irritate your skin. you can go to a doctor and use sebum face wash. i used this one for a while- "bioderma sebium gel moussant" made
  8. Okay, thank you for answering. I am terrified of stopping BP in case I get a horrible breakout that I won’t recover from. Do you think the marks are scars? I am scared they will never go away. I am currently using Dermol from the doctor. I do not know if I will be able to get either, because my doctor does not want to give me anything except Dermol. I feel extremely claustrophobic at the moment.
  9. I should mention that I was not bullied about my acne. And I never pop my pimples. I have done way in the past, and it wrecks havoc on my skin. Do you think the marks are scars? I am terrified that they won’t go away. And is there anything that could be making my acne worse that’s in my diet? I’m trying everything.
  10. I have been on Benzoyl Peroxide since 2014, a vegetarian diet since 2015, and a strict vegan diet in September first two are August 2016 when I was on a vegetarian diet. I should mention I was not bullied for my skin. I was surprised I wasn’t, but I have never been. But I have been asked if I had chickenpox and it has haunted me ever since.Basically that diet was me eating everything but meat! The only unhealthy food I wasn’t eating was fizzy drinks and sweets like haribos and things like that
  11. Hi guys! I have another post just recently if you want to see the ins and outs of my acne but this one is going to have pictures. Okay. Here goes. I’ve had it since I was eight and now I’m sixteen. I use 2.5 % Benzoyl Peroxide. I have used it since I thirteen. I’ve never even had a day since then when I was almost clear. I need help for my cheeks. I have never suffered from bad acne on my chin, temples, or jawline. Until now. They have always been mostly clear, except when I’m extremely s
  12. Okay, thank you. I did try them for a year but they didn’t help...Any brands you go by yourself? Any food suggestions?
  13. I’m so sorry, I never saw this message! I eat sweet potato every day, and I have spinach in my smoothie every day. Do you suggest to start eating spinach and kale? And I am vegan so I would not eat salmon, but thank you for your suggestion. I have tried flaxseed but did not like it. But if it will help my skin, I will try again. What do you suggest putting flaxseed into? And I have heard of chia seed but never researched into it. What do you put it into? And also, my mum bought quinoa to help
  14. I only put it where my previous breakouts have been, but I've put it all over my face sometimes and it didn't break me out or give me an IB. And it absorbs well on my skin, If you're going to try it you could just test on a certain area of your face and see :). I've read very good reviews from other people as well. My diet also helps my oily skin so I think you will be safe. xx Okay thank you! Do you suggest any food that has helped you? Any that has calmed your skin down? Okay, thank you.
  15. Thank you for your suggestions, it I do take vitamin D supplement. They are in the Holland and Barrett vegan supplements. Do you think taking Vitamin D one would help? Okay, thank you about my diet. I have heard of jojoba oil before but I am terrified to use it because I had a terrible breakout oil with both Bio Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, and putting Vitamin C oil into my skin. Did your skin get worse when you used it? And I know a lot of people ask this, but would it make my already oily skin m