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  1. i have the exact same problem! I love the idea of mineral makeup and have the EM intensive, but a couple hours later I look really shiny/oily. In the winter I find I have to wear a moisturizer otherwise my skin is too dry; maybe I'll try a primer too. I really would like a matte foundation - let me know what you think of the one you bought.
  2. i just saw that sally hanson has an airbrush primer at walgreens for $7.99... i didn't get it tho but I'm looking for one too. I have sortof oily skin too, so I don't want to make it worse.
  3. Hello, I've been a follower of the other post for a while but it's getting so long. I can't remember if any of you shared the complete routine such as: AM UT (urine treatment), then do you let it absorb - do you put on makeup? what about later in the day when you do the UT again, do you wash off the makeup first? do you use anything else... like at night? Thanks!!!
  4. Gotta add mine to the list: If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for 1. Facial symmetry (if you drew a line down the middle of my face, each side is way different) 2. Toned body 3. full B cup (I am an A ) Ahhh... if only!
  5. "medium tan" skin (at least that's the color of EM I use), dark brown curly hair, brown eyes. I'm a brown girl... I would like to say my skin color is like Alicia Keys cuz I'm mixed.
  6. I totally understand how you feel, but something needs to change cuz you sound miserable. Acne sure hasn't been a "temporary" thing for me; it may never completely go away. The only thing you for sure have control over is how you feel about yourself. The first step I took in changing my attitude is when people would compliment me about anything I would just say "Thank-you" and leave it at that. It's hard at first, but always saying "no i'm not... don't you see my zits?!", etc. is A. annoying to
  7. wow - i love MOM for a mask; it does seem too chalky to use as a primer, but I would like to try it. What kind of foundation do you use over it? Do you dilute it (MOM) with anything?
  8. Well, you all have converted me... I can't wait to get the samples. Someone here should be getting a commission!
  9. Newbie here... I was using proactive (has bp 2.5) and then started using the bare minerals for makeup, comes with primer that has SA - I started using it everyday and now I am completely broken out around upper lip, nose and chin. I think the prob was that I was using one right after another? I'm not sure it's a good idea for me. Okay, and then I came here and read about the aspirin mask and decided to try that. Now I realize that aspirin has SA in it! I really hope it doesn't make it worse. But