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  1. You shouldn't let olive oil stay overnight. It might've been the cause of clogged pores resulting to your problem right now.
  2. You should seek the help of a dermatologist to see if it can be filled in.
  3. Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm happy to see that the scars are visibly healing.
  4. I haven't tried those treatments before. Are they expensive?
  5. I have to give this a try. Thanks for the info.
  6. It is useful if you don't have any idea what to do. Other than that, it's really hard to build a good connection here.
  7. I think you should seek a help from a doctor for immediate remedy. Though what Kixhikari said is true.
  8. Hello, can I have a brutally honest opinion on how would you react if you were in my situation? You see, I've been dating someone for months. When I asked, she honestly told me that my acne scars doesn't bother her at all because the important thing is that she's enjoying my company. One of my biggest insecurity is my looks. I really felt attacked when I discovered she instantly replaced me with someone hotter. I truly lost it. My self-esteem and confidence down the drain.
  9. I've been using aloe vera because it is much more gentle on my skin. The improvement is visible in months so you really have to be patient with it. I only used ACV together with Aztec healing clay because it irritates my skin if applied directly.
  10. Mine's fade a little. It's a bit subjective but I can clearly see results when I use aloe vera to inflamed pimple marks than spots.
  11. So here's the thing. As of now, I'm trying to test/use a home remedy. I've been using Aztec healing clay mixed with ACV as a facial mask for 30 mins then after I rinse, I apply aloe vera gel and leave it overnight. I've been doing this daily, scars and spots are still there and looks less inflamed than before but no more pimple appears for 3 weeks now.
  12. I feel a stinging sensation whenever I use ACV diluted in water as a toner.
  13. Can I purchase Salicylic acid over the counter? Or does it need prescription?
  14. I am using a tub of nature republic aloe vera gel for 2 weeks now. I apply it before I sleep and let it stay overnight. I am hoping that it can reduce the redness on my acne spots. I just have to be patient to see the result. In your case, I think it has a negative reaction with your skin, and I advise you immediately stop using the gel. You can try Witch Hazel aloe vera as an alternative.