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  1. When my face is feeling yuck then I usually reach for a can of salmon and eat the whole thing. To make it taste better sprinkle fresh lemon on it and add a little hot sauce, its really satisfying. There are so many things in that its easy. Sardines also are good and the fish steaks are milder. For a quick snack thats cheap. D
  2. I have had good luck with those silicone scar patches at the pharmacy. Start with a really clean face and leave it on there! Sometimes when I pull them off white heads and pools of oil have formed where it withdrew the debris out of the skin. Band aids work ok but those kind that are silicone work the best. There are some that when you put them on you can barely see them on your skin. D
  3. I had a doctor recommend Selsum Blue for acne. It really does clear up the face. It has more concentrated ingredients than head and shoulders.
  4. I have had good luck with Lazer but its very expensive, they have a acne treatment called levelan with photo therapy and its wonderful but 500.00 a treatment, usually insurance doesn not cover it. I also take vitamins (a,c and d all good for skin) and use those silicone scar patches at the pharmacy, again very expensive but I see immediate improvement and also on scars that are healing it helps them tremendously. Detoxing your body seems to help the recovery skin.
  5. There is truth to this post but heres my take. I thought the same thing so I went and got a colonic every week for 2 years and I also did this proceedure called bio cleanse which you put your foot in a little tub and this machine pulls all the toxic debris out of your system into the water, in addition I also had chelation therapy which is a intravenous detox that cleans all the plague out of your arterys. I also have spent literally thousands on topical treatments. After all that I still had
  6. I have been on for 10 days and my face seems less oily but now I have a GIGANTIC cyst on my cheek, I remember someone said there is one last hurrah before they go away any ideas? I am in severe pain and there arent any good derms in South Bend Indiana that I know of ANYONE??? Calling all Derm Doctors there are 20,000 college students in this town and no decent dermatologists. Thanks all, I really feel better after I read the posts. Denise p.s. how do you get a cell phone picture to upload,
  7. here is a picture of my cyst after being on spironolactone for 10 days. It hurts so bad and I have been icing it and taking aleve. Any suggestions?? This is the worst it has been, there is rements of a prior cyst that I picked before I figured out it was a clogged oil gland or sebacous cyst. Excuse my tear stains its really getting me down today. Help please!! Denise p.s. I took a picture with my cell phone and the system wont let me upload, you will have to take my word for it, its ho
  8. You kids are really hiliarious!! Anyway, yesterday I went to the doctor and got some spironolactone that calms down the roaming hormones in the body. I have been having serious issues with sebacus cysts and someone from this site recommended that I get the medicine. I had a spot that has been on my face for no lie over a year, and it was a volcanic mess, now after only ONE NIGHT on the medicine its has flattened and calmed down. I am not a teenage boy but a 44 year old woman, so I dont even
  9. I had severe cysts on my arms and chest and the LEVELAN worked wonders, but its so expensive and insurance sometimes covers and sometimes doesnt. BUT I am left with white marks where the cysts were (not raised) and I was wondering if anyone else had that happen to them. I would rather have the white marks rather than the cysts but it looks like white rivers on my arm and spots. I have avoided the sun but some exposure doesnt help it. I am really curious about the blue treatment and I saw it
  10. If you get those scar patches or even band aids if you dont have the money, put it on and over night it seems to pull the debris to the surface and you can cleanse from there. But I have had one for over a year and it helps keep it drained and flat not so bulged out.
  11. I was at a party and this sweet little girl who was about 3 said 'WHY DO YOU HAVE A HOLE IN YOUR FACE? oh yeah another person once told me that my face would clear up if I got a man and had regular sex.
  12. Hi, I am new and I am pretty desperate and want to know if any of you have had large painful cysts that when they are expressed that oil comes out, not puss or blood. I have had one over a year. It grew to the size of a peanut and when I poked it with a needle immediate relief occured and now only oil comes out and when I push on it a clicking sound occurs. Then if I pick it with a needle its like its breaking seals on something. I have been putting scar patches on it and it draws out the o