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  1. It started in 2005, if I remember correctly, when I was 20. Within a matter of weeks, my porcelain and perfect looking skin turned into a bacterial culture with whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and all sorts of abhorred infections. It wasn't cystic alright, neither was it conglobata, but whatever it was, it was horrible. The persistence of this bacterial strain amazed me, and gradually all my efforts failed one by one, until I went on 2 accutane courses, and chemical peels. I look back these
  2. Update: Just wanted to let you people know that it's worked out wonderfully! I went to the derm, and all she said was to not worry and not do anything at all. I was bit surprised, but when I asked again she said the same thing firmly and reinforced that nothing was required, in addition to telling me and anything additional could be dangerous. I went back home, and the lumps lasted for two days. After another day..........oh my god! The whole area peeled off revealing brand new skin! I jumped
  3. It's 2:00 am at night, and the place where I am, I will not find any derm right now. Do you think I'll recover eventually? Oh god, I feel suicidal. Why the hell did I do this?
  4. I absolutely apologize for double posting, but please take a look at my post here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Panic-Gre...ls-t277712.html I've just conducted the ultimate disaster and need some help. Please don't ban me for double posting.
  5. I've been doing a 40% buffered Glycolic peel for the last two weeks at home, using a kit I purchased off Amazon. I've done two treatments successfully without any complications, and today was the third. God knows what the hell sort of a moron came over me, I first did a 20% salicylic peel over a few spots for a few minutes. (That dam sali-peel had been lying around for sometime), and then an hour later I did the regular glycolic peel. All this was about 2 hours back, and oh my god, I can't eve
  6. In short: I was on accutane for four months, and have stopped about a month and a half back as instructed by my doctor. I'm 24, male, 59Kgs, 5'5". Although accutane has cleared up my acne 100%, I am facing the following problems now: 1. My facial skin has sagged and dropped. I've developed troughs and hollows here and there and am looking aged. 2. My under eye area appears very sunken, and it looks like the fat padding that maintains a smooth contour there has disappeared. Are these typical
  7. I weigh 58 Kilograms. I'm male, 23, 5'7". Any advice?
  8. I've been on Accutane for over two months (20 mg, as prescribed by my dermatologist), and now all the initial improvement has faded out. After the first two weeks, I was overjoyed. My sebum production was completely back to normal, new pimples had stopped forming, and the redness was fading out slowly. Now, all that has started again. I missed Accutane on a couple of occassions (2 or 3 days) during the course, and have not been able to take it with fatty meals too often. Usually with snacks or
  9. Only once a day (preferably at night, one or two hours prior to sleeping), and that too with a pattern: My dermatologist advised me to apply very small quantities for the first two weeks (in his words: "just place tiny dots on your acne, no rubbing and spreading at all"). Then onwards he asked me to increase the quantity slightly over time. As of now, it's been a month, and it has worked wonders. I'm still applying a small quantity, since it's a strong 10% topical.
  10. I used to have this fright of needles at one point, until life smacked me on the face and put me through a series of illnesses which forced me to undergo countless injections for a period of time, with one shot being every other day. This was when I was only 9 or 10. On the first few days, I'd run around, hide, cry, make excuses, beg for mercy and ask to be forgiven. On an occasion, I kept my muscle too tight out of fear, and got hurt. But as time went by, I learned to relax. It became a part o
  11. True true. I'm aware that this is also the reason why so many people in the US opt for health insurance, simply because the costs of long term medical care and hospital stay can be devastating. On the other hand, consider the case in India, where a staggering majority of the nation doesn't opt for medical insurance. Hospitals are extremely affordable, and so are all forms of medical services ranging from heart surgery to cosmetic care. And the quality of services is commendable too. Most middl
  12. Completely normal. I've been on it for 4 weeks now, but I started receiving results only lately. Some people do not receive immediate benefits, even for months, but Accutane eventually will work wonders. Just be patient.
  13. Going through the various posts here, it makes me sad to see that most of you have to pay up such high amounts for your medicines for acne. Here in India, this is one aspect which is very appreciable. My doctor put me on Isotretinoin Capsules a few weeks back, along with a 10% Azelaic Acid Topical Lotion. My costs are: >> 1 strip of 10 Isotretinoin Capsules: INR. 120.00 ($2.95) >> 1 tube of Azelaic Acid (2 months supply): INR. 120.00 ($2.95) So that amounts to a very low monthly
  14. Ok, after consulting my Dermatologist, I have been put on a mild dosage of Isotretinoin. It's a brand called Acutret, and the dosage of each capsule is 20mg only. However, my Dermatologist felt that 20mg would be fine for my case, which we labelled as slightly worse than moderate. A couple of quick questions: 1. After the first 10 days, my facial oil production had reduced TREMENDOUSLY. I was shocked at office when I looked into the mirror 2 p.m. in the afternoon, and there was no shine, no se
  15. Thanks so much for all the advice. I took the step, and got treated! I got diagnosed and Yay! They are not HPV!!!!! Just sweat blockage cysts [sebaceous cysts], and they were removed in less than 30 minutes!! Yay yay yay yay! :dance: