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  1. thanks for replies. Then why aren't you always drunk?
  2. Oral steroid(medrol) worked best for me. I was in the same situation, only cysts. After 3 days I had no active acne on my skin, only red marks. I was on medrol for a month. At the end of the treatment I had 100% acne-clear skin, but after finishing the treatment everything restarted...
  3. I've been on accutane for 3 months, but didn't worked, just made my skin 10x worse. Anyways I hope it will work for you, good luck.
  4. Is alcohol and acne related? Can I drink alcohol while I have acne? And what about cigarettes?
  5. It's clear now. I understand. Thanks, Csaba
  6. Thanks for replies. And I have to clean my face with water before moisturizing, right?
  7. My question is how long do I have to wait between BP and moisturizer.
  8. what moisturizer did u used? offtopic: I'm gonna follow dan's regimen, but i couldn't find how much do I have to w8 between the BP and the moisturizer. If you can help me please pm me. Thanks
  9. @un4tunate: Accutane made my acne worse. Before the treatment I had 1-2 nodule, but after 5-10 or more. @murifirhea: a derm ofc.
  10. Hello. I am a 16 years old male. Everything started when I was 15. I observed a nodule wich wasn't even strange. After a week or so an other one appeared. It wasn't even red or painfull. I tought it's better if I talk to my doctor. He said I have regular acne and he started to treat me with Roaccutane. My skin became worse and worse(on my face, chest, back). My doctor raised the ration and after three months my skin became frightening. I changed doctor, and after a while my new doctor(a wiser t