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  1. Hello everyone, I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona but I am currently studying in China on an exchange program. The weather here is extremely humid and is taking a toll on my skin. I am also living in the dorms which are pretty small and cramped so the air flow is quite bad. Classes have not started yet which i believe will aggravate my skin even more due to the stress of vigorous studying. Within the first week of arriving here i have developed 3 deep cysts on my left jawline that are very
  2. hey everyone, i was just wondering if anyone has advice for people (like myself) starting college next week. I'm not really nervous but just curious as to what words of wisdom i can receive from people who have already experienced higher education.
  3. I have suffered from severe acne for awhile now, but recently i have been getting cysts/pimples on my eyelids, around my lips, and one even on my upper lip! what can i do? (my parents wont let me get accutane)