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  1. this is true. i havent gone to the doctor yet to get my final diagnoses but i recently got a catscan that shoed i had an enlarged spleen, on of the signs of liver disease. do not take this crap. its not worth it. it only made my life alot worth. i spent alot of freaking money just so it can make my skin and health worse.
  2. this antibiotic suckx. do not take it. i had been on it for like 8 months and it did improve my skin a bit but then after 4 months off this prescription my skin got worse than ever. now i constantly have ugly cystic pimples which i didnt have before. don't take it
  3. well my acne has cleared up a littl e more but i still get these tiny pimples that have white heads and today i woke up with a gigantic pimple on the bottom right side of my nose. very discouraging but i am gonna keep on with this regimen and see where it leads me
  4. i started the daniel kern regimen about a week ago after using proactiv for about 3 years and already this regimen has proven to help my acne alot more. however dan's cleanse dries my skin out like crazy. i also tried the purpose cleanser and it also dries me out. right now my regimen consists of (purpose cleanser, dan's bp, and aloe fruit of the earth moisturixer). the moisturizer also causes further drying effects but i don't want to give up either product cause they have been working so well
  5. my diet on attachment Ac2.doc Ac2.doc
  6. my diet on attachment Ac1.doc Ac1.doc