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  1. me and one of my other friends have moderate acne. the rest have perfect skin. the irony is that us two are the best looking one and pull the most girls.
  2. o i kno exactly what ur talking about. sry im a little slow today . . . i had a killer calc test earlier and it will take me 48-72 hours to recover 26 is kind of a lot, perhaps to a derm and ask about accutane
  3. half the people would have to cancel at the last minute if they have a bad breakout.
  4. i remember my 1st month with aha. i broke out and had no progress. i was so close to quiting. something told me to stick with it, and the next two months saw dramatic and unprecedented improvements. stay the course
  5. i was about to ask the same question. oh and brandy, could u please define "viscosity" ? ? ?
  6. i got tears in my eyes reading this. ur writing style is differenet, and i mean that in a good way. from reading yout post, it is clear that you are hopeless, and feel presdestined to fail. u seem to have little faith, e.g., when you say life is short. life is forever. a man without hope is a man who needs a religion
  7. the key to curing acne is PATIENCE anything, from BP to eating healthy to Accutane, etc takes a lot of time to work. It will be rough in the beggining with this regimen, i.e. inital breakout . . . .. be patient, it might take two months to see improvement, keep eating healthy, drinking water, and follow the regimen exact. u should be good in 3 months or so dont get discouraged . . . .things will get worse before they get better with the girl and job interview . . . . . BE CONFIDENT . . .
  8. Dear Me, You are a warrior in this great war of life. Many things outside your control have went against you-you have lost many battels-but you never made execuses or used these intrinsic disadvanteges as a crutch so you will win the war. You have problems like all others; however, you search for answers right away and usually solve the problems. You face is scared like your life. But there is just scars-no problems are active. A scar is a scar is forever; just be happy you saw the light befor
  9. if u want to be close to God you will have to suffer now, and be rewarded later if u want to be rewarded now, you will have to suffer later. Those who want to save their lives will lose them. But those who lose their lives for me will save them. Luke 9:24 listen, im not here to tell you what to believe, etc. If you disagree thats fine. To truly find and understand God took my 4 years. Its a big commitment, and I can tell you from experience---it is worth it. If God made our lives perfect, th
  10. look ur in a pretty crappy situation, and its seems like you are trying very hard to solve the problem. It takes a lot of commitment to go on a strict diet; i know i couldnt do it. You are trying to get a job, etc. But it seems like you cant catch a break. . . My advice. You parents are useless and wont help you. Take drivers ed right now. Dude, i cant believe ur almost 17 and dont have a liscence. trust me it makes ur life 10000X better. So if u are really commited with you hair issue, and yo
  11. three years ago i was playing video games . . . . my mom walked into the room and said "call 911 or I'm going to kill myself" she was put on anti-depressants and it worked. my parents recently got divoced i feel with you, a part of me died that day. the image of the day still haunts me
  12. terrible idea ***results not typical its all in the discalimer, so u cant do shit, dont waist ur time
  13. I can tell by you writing style, you are educated, and a deep thinker. wooooooooooooooowowowowo this sounds exactly like something I would have written one year ago. i know what you mean by 'all I've lost' it was a tought time in my life, and it was hard to see any brightness in the infinite darkness of my life [well i didn't have 1] you just gotta grind it out. i got rid of my acne, and that really wasnt the solution to my problems---but it put me on the right road. people started trea