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  1. yes i do! i hate them.. they take time to go down..
  2. thanks! i am going to try this remedy myself when my swelling papules go down a bit.
  3. for me, my redness always stays for few days! i hate post-extraction period - i will have red marks and things on my face that will make me look worse than pre-extraction. but it will get better after .. 5 days? i think it depends on individual.. so probably the redness on your face would be gone after one night
  4. Hi, i saw this home remedy from somewhere and i would like to try. the thing is i have sensitive skin and it has lemon in it! so i am kind of reluctant but i want something that Works for my acnes!! Ingredients: * 2 Hand full of grain rice(soak it overnight with water) * 1 Lemon Ways to create this face mask * Take out the excess water out from the grain rice. * Blend the grain rice finely with blender. * Squeez the lemon in the blended grain rice. * Mix well and put in freezer for 30mi
  5. the description on the tea shop written something like people use it to wash their face for their skin issues. do people really do that? i have a pack of rooibo now , i would try if it does work!
  6. yes, but they take forever to fade away! personally i think drink a lot of water everyday, and make myself a green smoothie (i mix veggie with fruits actually) 4 - 5 times a week actually fasten the process of fading (well, it still takes time though). or if you want a quick result, maybe you should get advice on all those laser treatment.
  7. i would like to hear from people who have experience with ipl too! today i went to a skincarecentre and the girl kept promoting some treatments in order to fade my red marks away - microderm, ipl, peel or oxygen treatment, while she was doing my facial. well, she meant either one of any combination of two. i might consider either ipl or oxygen treatment , but they cost a lot! :-/ considering i don't have a job and my the only financial resource is my parents.a anyway, what i know about all these
  8. i just made a green smoothies that tastes so horrible! lol! i mixed one carrot, a bunch of celery and one capsicum. the taste of celery dominates the other taste and it is definitely not very yummy! and i couldn't stand it and mixed a bit of raisins to sweeten it
  9. since i started to take pills that increase my serotonin levels, my acnes got worse! but i couldn't find any information about increased serotonin and acnes. anyone please?
  10. since i have irregular period, does it mean that it actually affects my acnes? last month my period didn't come and my acnes have gones a lot worse lately!! by the way, i started taking blackmores weightloss pills since last month, they increase serotonin levels. so do they actually affect my hormone or cause my acnes to be worse?
  11. i think your skin is dry on the surface but oily underneath. it's similar to my skin except my skin is not really really dry. it does flaking sometimes.
  12. my acnes are getting worse too! the worse thing is they got worse just in few days! i don't understand how it happened but just in few days, a group of red big bumps appear on both of my cheeks, and they tend to stay in the same areas! i feel so distressed, because my acnes actually got better and i don't know why lately they just got so BAD all of a sudden! and they take forever to go down! once one went down, another popped up just next to it... i hate my face
  13. i understand the feeling without foundation on! you are so self-conscious about your skin although people actually don't pay attention to it! and yea, although the 1cm thick "paint" was on the skin, the bumps are still there and some of the marks just couldn't be covered completely! people still went "hey, what happened to your face lately?" they make me feel less like a complete person, especially in front of my close friends during the day time or under bright light... because the foundation c