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  1. This is brilliant info and with scientific backing. i'm very interested in the Spironolactone Creams and Solutions.
  2. There is a good bar soap at boots called neutrogena for dry skin, It's in a black and white box. It should cost about 2 quid.
  3. I have just been looking through a site http://www.acnecontrol.net/ and it is a guys experience using western medicines and chinese herbal medicines together. I was looking through the ingredients, and most of the herbs are the same as the ones in Xian. Its like someone is copying??? What do you guys make of the site?
  4. lately i have used tea tree oil and witch hazel and that seems to reduce the swelling, plus it hasnt had any side effects at the moment.
  5. well i am not a women, but i have heard that agnus castus helps at that time of month, because it controls hormonal activity. I dont know much about it in specific, but you can do your own research on it if you want. hope this might help.
  6. well all the ingredients are natural i suppose, so i shouldnt think so. Give it a try and if it doesnt work, throw them away.
  7. I have seen a similar one, they basically have the same ingredients, which says they improve acne and other skin disorders... http://www.health-store.co.uk/acatalog/Bio...g_Compound.html
  8. I've got the exact problem, all the closed comedones are on my forehead, and nowhere else. When i used to goto the sauna i never had any of these and my skin used to feel really clean aswell. I was just wondering if going to the sauna or something similar will help?...
  9. Acidophilus is a probiotic, and i have heard aswell, that it keeps in the intestines free from infectious bacteria, which is good in the case of acne. It best to take any vitamins or any supplements that is liquid, not a tablet form. The reason for this is your body cant brake down everything from the tablet, which means only about 10% - 20% is only being used by your body, which really isnt worth it. I am currently taking a multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid, that is liquid form, which you
  10. Yeah same here Sometimes i can take the Capsules and sometimes i cant, its weird
  11. I have been taking Udo's Oil, which has Omega 3,6 and 9. I was taking it for about 3 - 4 months and it has improved my acne a little bit, but when i came off, it just stayed the same, so i cant really comment if it really does improve acne.
  12. The website is http://www.probiotic-lab.com. Thanks for the info, i've just ordered my free sample. Dont know how long it will take to come to the UK??? There are probiotic supplements, which help the intestines. The supplements are called Acidophilus, and are proven to improve the complexion, and they say improves eczema.
  13. I have just came across a product called 101E Acne Getaway and it says it has a 99% success rate and a guarantee of 30 days if not happy with it. Has anybody else tried this product, and if so, has it worked for you? Chris...
  14. I agree that food and the correct diet could stop the cause of acne. I have been looking through this website, and its about the correct food, stopping the cause of acne. I`m always skeptical about things like this, what do you think of it? http://www.acne-free.com
  15. Yeah i agree, when i dont drink much water my face seems to breakout more often. I force myself to drink at least 8 glasses of water in the winter, just to keep my skin hydrated and fresh.