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  1. Sorry for such a late reply i just saw this! I have tried so many different face washes from charcoal based ones to other african black soaps to all the name brand ones at the store. As for moisturizer i have tried different oils but they all break me out except jojoba. I have tried ponds but i don’t like the feeling of a cream moisturizer on my face plus it broke me out. I have tried witch hazel and rose water which also broke me out. I have treat the indian healing clay which broke me out and
  2. ok so i have had acne before, when i was a freshmen it was severe and during my sophomore year i was clear but not completely. my skin completely cleared during my junior year, but there was one point where i was getting a few pimples on my chin, and i kinda went crazy and switched up my entire routine, which was dumb i know. i went on like this and switched my entire routine for 2-3 months and everything just kept getting worse. i am now back at my current routine which keeps my acne somewhat u
  3. hi so last week i made a change in my routine and started taking vitamin d3. a couple days later i started drinking a tablespoon of acv with a cup of water on a daily basis. my skin was clearing for all of last week. however this week, i have gotten pimples plus pimples on weird places i never get pimples like my eyebrows and chin. could drinking the ACV cause me to break out? i believe that’s what it is since i read people break out after a week of drinking it. i don’t think it’s vitamin d b
  4. i used the one from the plant. isn’t that just pure aloe vera on its own?
  5. so last night i decided to apply aloe vera (the plant) onto my face overnight as i have read that it is very beneficial to acne and scaring and reduces inflammation. when i woke up though, i had a new pimple but i thought nothing of it, it was only one in a common area where i break out. as i went on with my day, my face got oiler than usual. (and yes i did wash my face and moisturized when i woke up). by the end of the day, i had so many new pimples, even in areas in which i don’t break out. i
  6. my acne will not go away no matter what i do and it makes me want to cry. everyday i see a new pimple pop up and i honestly just start to cry cause it has taken such a toll on my confidence. i use to have clear skin a couple of months ago and now no matter what i do my acne simply will not go away. i have tried so many f***ing things and nothing works. i’ve changed my face wash about 10 times and now i am just back to my routine that first cleared my skin, ABS and jojoba oil. i have tried go
  7. Maybe your skin is breaking out because the african black soap is overdrying it? Do you experience cold weather/winter where you are? It barely gets cold here. I thought it was the african black soap and i switched soaps for a while but honestly all of them made my skin worse and the african black kept my skin at an OK level.
  8. my current skincare routine is african black soap with jojoba oil. i exfoliate on a weekly basis with honey and brown sugar. when i first started doing this routine, my skin was very clear. it looked the best it ever did, and it stayed clear for 5 months. now, my skin is breaking out and has been breaking out for a while and i don’t understand why. i have not changed my routine. is it time for a change ? or does this mean that my acne is from within my body ?
  9. you are definitely not alone. my skin has been clear for so long until i started breaking out in august. ever since, my skin has been really bad and i can’t stand to look myself in the mirror. if i catch a glimpse of myself i will start to cry because of how bad the spots are. everyday i just hope with everything i try it’ll go away but i’m still struggling. remember, it is not permanent. we will both get through this. i hope you find something that works for you.
  10. for the past 3-4 months i have been breaking out and i don’t know why. my breakouts have been been mild-moderate but they are starting to become severe, even though i have not done anything to make it do so. my acne is only on my cheeks and along my jawline, my forehead and nose (practically my T-zone) are completely clear. I believe that the acne there is due to something going on in my body but i have no idea what it is. But for the past week or two i have been experiencing these symptom
  11. You should try jojoba oil. I believe that oil works the best for people because it is the closest to what your skin naturally produces. As for the face wash, I would recommend african black soap or any face soap with charcoal in it or tea tree oil. Those are always known to help clear people’s skin.
  12. How do you use the tea tree oil? I used to apply it all over my face and it made me break out. Even when i applied it on my problem spots daily i found that i kept getting acne in those same exact spots. Try to limit ur use of tea tree oil cause that could be the problem. Or you could dilute it with something because tea tree oil is known to burn the skin on its own.
  13. i am 17 years old and i have had acne since i was about 13 or 14. when i was 14 my acne got so bad to the point where my mom took me to a dermatologist and i was prescribed a gel with benzoyl peroxide and a face wash as well. that did nothing to my skin, in fact it made it worse so i stopped. when i was 16, i found the perfect routine and my skin was CLEAR for 5 months. i used african black soap and jojoba oil, and exfoliated with a mix of honey and brown sugar every week. in august, it wasn