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  1. Day 60 going to continue to update until I am 100% clear. I actually had a little breakout with about 4 pimples but nothing too gnarly. Not sure what caused it but my nose started purging its filaments (again) at the same time so something with dryness or the cycle of the Accutane. I still have filaments but they’re less visible now.
  2. Day 58? Wow, time flies. ive been clear with like 1 small pimple at a time for a week and a half. Currently my face is getting really dry and I have like 2 Whitehead’s and 2 small pimples but i threw some hydrocolloids on em and I’m not worried. So my conclusion about differin/retinoids prior is that it does lower your initial breakout intensity!
  3. Day 47: my pattern now is slowly clear up for a week, stay clear a few days, then start breaking out again. I currently only have 2 actives and acne is not really something I worry about anymore. I do have PIH/PIE and scarring but I am now free to focus on bettering myself in other ways.
  4. Day 39: it’s calmed down quite a bit. I have 1 active on each cheek, 1 Whitehead on upper lip, and one cyst thing on the back of my jaw that has been chillin for weeks just headed up. I’m now on 40mg as of 5 days ago. Acne has gotten to a point where I rarely worry about it in public, but I think this is just another good week and next week I’ll break out again. Kinda a pattern I’ve been seeing. Will update
  5. Day 32: just feel like updating because my acne won’t let me stop thinking about it (it itches like fuck) so I might as well write about it. i have regressed pretty much back to before treatment in terms of itchiness. In terms of looks, it’s not bad because none of the pimples are really gnarly looking. But my face is really inflamed so all the red marks look much worse.
  6. Day 31: I am breaking out on my face and body, the pimples are pretty small but I’m gonna do a count for future reference for myself 2 small heads on right side, 1 possibly forming 2 small on left side, 2 possible forming 1 just popped on left jaw, 1 active next to it and 1 possible forming 1 possible forming on right, 1 lingering small heads around sebaceous filaments 2 chin small whiteheads Took BCAAs starting Monday, no pimples showed up until Friday. Didn’t take any Sunday (today)
  7. Day 29: woo. Almost 1 month. Initial breakout cleared and I’m 95% clear, a lurking pimple on my jaw and one more that formed yesterday on the back of my jaw. One lingering small one on my left cheek. Right check 100% clear, forehead 100% clear, sebaceous filaments continuing to get pushed out. Stoked! wanted to edit and add that I have a pimple forming on my left jaw. Not sure if I’m going to completely clear up yet now, but at least the IB calmed down!
  8. Day 24: not a whole lot of improvement, just 1-3 new ones a day. If anything it’s getting a little better. Plugs starting to get pushed out in between eyebrows, on front of nose. All my acne including body acne have formed heads/gained pus which is odd
  9. Day 20: day 18 I saw a few more pustules on my left cheek, they are continuing to form. But my right cheek has cleared up and currently has no actives. It’s almost like my left and right cheek completely switched roles, pretty odd. I have 2 small pimples on each jaw. I’m starting to get white plugs pushed out in my T-zones. Yesterday a friend looked at me and was like “dude, WTF your acne is on like, zero!” That felt great but I assured him it’s still there.
  10. Day 17: IB has.. calmed down? No more Whiteheads on my upper lip, few more pimples on my jaw though. And an underground cyst finally came up. We’ll see where this goes
  11. BECAUSE DUDE, for every ONE person like you, there are >1,000 casually roaming about who will tell us that the sides fade after their course. THAT RISK IS WORTH IT TO US. AND IT WAS WORTH IT TO YOU TOO. Acne has destroyed many of our lives and self esteem. What you should do instead of vomiting all over the forums is help people learn prevention while they are on the drug, like the many supplements I told you I was on. Mind over matter is magic! And it works both ways. Think about your side e
  12. Testing for CK and ANA would not do anything. The drug is known to have an effect in some cases on both of those measures, but it is almost always temporary
  13. Actually my joints have improved a lot over the past few days! Minimal pain, I even surfed today with NO back pain. And I was getting WORKED, just some minor knee pain in the impact zone at one point. Tbh probably not even because of Accutane. I also take an awesome probiotic daily, along with fish oil, glucosamine/msm/chondroitin, turmeric, milk thistle, vitamin D, vitamin E, and calcium. Figure I’ve got to fight the atomic drug with atomic supplementation adding in hyaluronic acid soon as I’v
  14. IB spreading, now 3 pustules on my jaw. More on my cheeks. Or could this be the Minocycline leaving my system?? Hmmm. Luckily I have 12 more days of winter break so hopefully it calms down a little!
  15. Day 12: IB is starting. Dammit I was hoping I wouldn’t get one due to differin and mino oh well, hopefully it isn’t too bad/doesn’t last super long. Probably ~5 pustules on each cheek, 1 on jaw. Not the worst breakout I’ve ever had. Actually it’s not too bad, so as long as this is the breakout I’d say big thanks to differin!