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  1. Wow.. This was going great for 1 1/2 - 2 Months? Until a few days ago I broke out, and It's just getting worse.. For two months I was finally almost completely clear, Maybe 1 tiny pimple every few days, now It's all over.. I've changed very small things, nothing that could be the cause of this huge breakout. Hopefully this'll pass.. And you know something crazy? Whenever I breakout on my chin/lower part of face, my forehead is ALWAYS clear, and whenever I breakout on my forehead (i have been fo
  2. Check this. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/A-new-lig...-us-t40303.html
  3. This is going great. About a week ago, I haven't gotten one zit for days. But during those days, I had very little food around the house and none of it was junk. Then once I got back to the store, and ate some food with sugar in it, I woke up with a couple small zits. Other than that, Miracle.
  4. Gahh My acne is getting a ton better, but my red marks are horrible..
  5. Well.. ever since it started getting nice out, like 1 month ago, I've been going outside in the sun a ton more.. and I've noticed my red marks are not going away as quickly as usual.
  6. Bump. Status: About 5 days in and I'm not getting nearly as much big zits, redness has gone down, but I'm getting tons of little zits. Doing pretty good..
  7. Wow, This is exactly me. I'm doing this.. The things you've explained match up with my perfectly.. I was wondering if it's still possible to do some masks like Green tea masks or honey masks while doing this?? Thanks alot
  8. Does anyone know if you are suppose to rinse the green tea off your face if your doing a Green tea mask?
  9. I know.. My face keeps itching and I try so hard not to scratch so I just grab my shirt and lightly rub my face.. even though it's not a good idea.
  10. Off-topic, but I agree with ^ Mans.. My parents don't really do anything to help with my acne, and they had very mild acne while I have moderate chin acne.. and I'm 15 aswell.
  11. Well I've currently been using Carley's Clear and Smooth Skin treatment for about 3 months and It's stopping most under the skin zits but it's not good enough. In the past I've used Clearasil, Neutrogena, and Acne-Free. I'm 15 years old and have mild-moderate chin acne, The only acne I actually get is from the corner of my mouth straight down on both sides of face, in the two little spots. I just started drinking and applying green tea. Uhh.. I get enough sleep, sun, and I drink plenty of water
  12. Well, I bought some Green Tea from here http://www.yerba-mate.com. So I guess I'll just stick with that..
  13. Do you typically get a good amount of regular sunlight exposure? If you generally don't, being outside in the sun on the fishing trip could have helped your body get an adequate amount of vitamin D that maybe you would be lacking otherwise. Vitamin D is good for the skin and these days since everyone is scared of the sun, a lot of people tend to be vitamin D deficient.