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  1. Thank you munsoned for this thread. My question is that i have about 15 ice pick scars on my right cheek and have brown skin that is very prone to hyperpigmentation, could you recommend what u think would be the best course of action to treat.
  2. Diane will definately clear your hormonal acne, it tok abot 3 months for me to see the difference. However, it really messed with my head, I became really depressed on it and my libido totally disapeared. By all means try it, it was the only thing to clear my skin totally. I am also a big fan of Glycolic acid. Good luck!
  3. Wicky, i wouldn't mix them as they both alter your hormone levels so they are bound to interfer with each other. I would say wait for your blood test results before deciding which one to stick with. If it turns out you have low progesterone the the cream will be best but if the test shows you have high testosterone then spiro will help you. They work in different ways so it depends on what causes your acne flare-ups. Progesterone cream works because it reduces prolactin leves raising dopamine wh
  4. You put it on where you blush because that is where the skin is thinnest and will absorb the cream best. I don't know if it helps with rosaeca but it is absorbed into your blood stream and balances out your hormones. I know my acne is mainly due to increased inflamation just before my period, it isn't just my blocked pores that become inflamed it is also my joints and gums etc and I get really bad cysts and nodules. So far I have used it for 3 weeks and am now in the week before my period which
  5. Which birth control pill are you on and how long have been on it? Accutane never helped me either, the acne came straight back as soon as i finished the course. The only thing that makes my skin super clear is Diannett pill but that takes 3-4 months to work and i get depressed with it so although my acne is very mild at the moment due to me breastfeeding, i know it will be back with a vengence as soon as i wean. I'm trying natural Progesterone cream at the moment. I hope you feel better soon <
  6. I use a small amount on my belly but u can use it where u blush the most cheeks, chest, bellow arms, belly etc.
  7. I'm assuming the bromocriptine works because it reduces prolactin levels and in turn raises dopamine levels. In my case, I'm 90% sure my acne is caused by low progesterone levels after ovulation and high prolactin causes reduced progesterone levels. As long as you reduce prolactin levels does it matter how you do it? Why not try natural progesterone cream? If does the same thing to prolactin levels as bromocriptine does and has less side effects.
  8. I'm doing this too, i've only started so i will post on here if i see good results. I've read somewhere even men can use it.
  9. I'm the same, with all my three children as soon as they start weaning my acne comes back really bad. I'm trying agnus cactus and natural progesterone cream at the moment, i've read alot of positive reviews about both. I hate contraceptive pills but they do clear my skin.
  10. Bromocriptine is said to lower prolactin levels and i heard might currently be in trials for treatment of acne. Vitex/Agnus Cactus also reduces prolactin levels. But if higher levels of prolactin result in Acne why does my skin clear up while I'm breastfeeding? Confusing (
  11. Hi everyone I've decided no more pills for me. I hate being on Dianette but it seems to be only thing that gives me clear skin (that and being pregnant and breastfeeding which isn't an ideal long term acne treatment). I've heard of a herb called agnus cactus that is supposed to be great for balancing hormones. It balances out Eostrogen and Progesterone and limits the amaount of progesterone that is converted into testosterone (or something like that). Please post if you have tried it and whether
  12. It does take a few months for it to work properly. I used it when i was 17 and cant remember why i stopped but got back on it just before i my wedding and it seemed to take months for my skin to clear up again, i think it was around the 3rd or 4th month mark that i noticed my skin was clear. Dont give up on it, you already know it works. I had to stop taking it again because it made me depressed so will be trying Yaz after i stop breastfeeding. I'm lucky breastfeeding seems to keep my acne under
  13. Dianette helped alot with my nodular acne, I was also using AHAs and Salicylic acid.
  14. You look great. Most of your scars will probably fill out with time as you are still young and still producing good amount of collagen. If a year after accutane they are still very visible and they bother you, needling is cheap and effective but best while you are still young, because collagen production slows down with age. Just letting you if you ever want to do anything about scars its best done when you are still young. Good luck kid, your doing great!
  15. If you are a girl get Dianette, if you are a guy get accutane. When you are depressed its time for the big guns.