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  1. I changed my cleanser into a hydrating cleanser and i stopped the aloe vera. My skin is feeling less tight now. However, i currently have 2 big pustule. I hate that everytime the pimple heal, another one would come out right away
  2. So as of now, i think the red bumps are gone , but i am extremely frustrated because my cheeks feels so tight I can't smile. Will this tightness be gone after a couple of days? Ok
  3. Well update: my face feels so tight suddenly.
  4. It did improve right? What I did was wash the aloe vera gel after an hour of applying. My face isn't as dry as before though there is till very mild itchiness from time to time. I will observe more for couple of days. If it becomes itchy and red again, i will try looking for other moisturizer. However the moisturizers you mentioned, i am not sure if they are available here in my community. Our resources are really limited due to lockdown. I guessed I really need to experiment,sadly
  5. I honestly do not understand this language but google translate helped. I know this may be a skin allergy but I am trying to convince myself that this is just skin purging. Is it not? I am using a coconut and papaya herbal soap to clean my face , then use Eskinol facial deep cleanser , then i applied luxe organix aloe vera soothing gel. This is my day and night routine, but orginally, i use nature republic alos vera gel but i ran out of it and cant buy one because they are only available on mall
  6. This side of my face is So itchy
  7. I tried buying online , but due to lockdown, vehicles are not allowed to enter our viccinity, most of the deliveries are banned. This morning when I woke up , the side of my cheeks are really itchy and there are new tiny bumps on my temples. Also the redness of my cheeks are slowly becoming tiny red bumps.
  8. I used to have acne 2 years ago . Been on tret and clindamycin but , the only thing that save my skin was by using aloe vera soothing gel. Skin is glowing and clear finally. 2 years after this is my skin , i ran out of the aloe vera gel i've been using and i have no means to buy one because of the lockdown here in my country due to covid19. My cheeks are starting to become red. No malls are open , so i tried buying different aloe vera brand at watsons . .but i guessed it didn't worked. Now ras
  9. Maybe it is not noticeable on pictures, but my cheeks are really red . I suspect i have rosacea. What do you think? What products should i use to reduce redness