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  1. Do you think I have mild rosacea or eczema? I do have food allergies. You think it's related to this ?
  2. DAY 8 Today I decided to wash my face again in the morning. Face still feel tight but it's bearable. No inflamed pimple but i am so pink. I really suspect I have some skin condition? Eczema or rosacea. I hope not. The side of cheeks are really itchy again . Im so sad.
  3. DAY 5 Still tight , pink patches on cheeks. Face feel sensitive. Dont know if it's improving or I just getting used to it. Only washed my face with water this morning.
  4. DAY 4 Face feel less tight compared to last few days. Cheeks have pinkish patches. Still decided to wash face with just water. Though it feels so greasy whole day, it makes my skin feel less tight . I only do my routine at night.
  5. Yes I know it doesn't look bad. The thing is my skin is so dehydrated I can't smile widely. Besides, I have this anxiety and I am overly concious about my skin. Maybe you all think I am overacting . I used to have bad skin too. I also went to derm , and luckily my face healed after half a year. That was 3 years ago . However the emotional trauma that acne left me haunts me everytime a have zits or other skin problem. One pimple makes me paranoid, I cant help it. DAY 3 . My face feel
  6. Can you suggest a good moisturizer? I cant have a good sleep at night because I am bothered how tight my face feels. I am using thick layer of aloe vera gel at night but it isnt working anymore.
  7. DAY 2 still tight , skin area under eye feels raw, a very red patch was there when I woke up. The redness subsided after I cleanse but still slightly red(not noticeable in pics). Side of cheeks are less itchy now. I'm praying everyday. I wish I would wake up tomorrow with no new spot huhuhu. That's my wish every night. I am so stressed , I'm unconciously waking up at dawn a couple of times just to look in the mirror. I hate this
  8. Yes! It's an aloe vera gel. I tried a lot of brands but the one I mentioned is the only brand that worked . My self- confidence is at its lowest too :-( I used to have acne(mild though but acne is still acne)so even just one pimple already makes me paranoid and right now my skin care products suddenly dont work anymore. I'm trying out new products. Let just hope our skin will be better before the year ends. I currently do not have the confidence to show up at year end parties huhuhu. Good
  9. Blind pimples are my problem too. Whenever I have one , i always steam my face during my night routine. It helps getting the pimple come to a head faster. I sometimes also use cosrx pimple patch when I need to go out or when I'm getting impatient and want to get the junk inside faster. Also for your textured forehead. I also had the same problem two years ago and the only product that helped me is the Nature Republic Soothing gel. I'm applying thick amount of that in my face every night as a mo
  10. Just creating this topic to track my skin. I currently have a dry tight face. The side of my cheeks is so itchy. I guessed face mask irritated my skin or maybe the products I'm using suddenly betrayed me. Morning ang evening routine: - Celeteque hydration facial wash -Celeteque hydration toner - Nature republic Aloe Vera soothing gel. DAY 1 : VERY ITCHY( SIDE OF CHEEKS) , 2 INFLAMED PIMPLE , MILDLY TIGHT FEELI
  11. This has been my problem for a year. Both my cheeks looks like this while the rest my face is okay. My face feels extremely tight it hurts to smile ! I am so sad . My friends know me as someone who has glowing skin but during this pandemic I always have pimples one after another and my cheeks feels so irritated. Is my skin dehydrated ? What should I do? I can't tolerate the tightness I feel anymore. It was okay few days ago , but then I wore make up this christmas eve, and it became worse the da
  12. I changed my cleanser into a hydrating cleanser and i stopped the aloe vera. My skin is feeling less tight now. However, i currently have 2 big pustule. I hate that everytime the pimple heal, another one would come out right away
  13. So as of now, i think the red bumps are gone , but i am extremely frustrated because my cheeks feels so tight I can't smile. Will this tightness be gone after a couple of days? Ok
  14. Well update: my face feels so tight suddenly.