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  1. only wash your face morning and night twice a day only yes after face wash in the morning apply whatever and keep it that way until later night face wash and apply whatever you have to before going to bed or w/e That's what I currently do. Only wash my face with water in the evening after gym. Face wash just morning and night. Thanks for repose I appreciate
  2. So because of my long history of horrible skin. Severe acne followed by scarring etc, I have now become very strict with my skin routine. After my morning face wash I use a moisturizer/eye cream and then sunscreen. If I'm going out in the evening I just use a moisturizer once again after I wash out the sunscreen. Before I sleep I again use a night cream and eye cream. Am I over doing this? It's been a long road and I finally have nice skin, so I'm obsessed with keeping it this way. Als
  3. Yeah I did pick. I tried not to but when they itch or form a whitehead I find it impossible not to. How long did it take for them to go for you? Do you have any before and after pictures I could see? I think almost everyone can't resist the whitehead, and eventually picks them. Still I suggest as much as you can, don't pick them. As you can imagine, taking pictures were never an option as I was extremely self conscious. This is a pic on my better days after the acne started going away,
  4. Do you pick them? Honestly that looks a lot like mine used to a few years ago post my severe acne phase. After accutane saved me from the acne, time is what got rid of MOST my scars. I think yours will heal nicely. Like suggested, never a bad idea to save up
  5. Fair enough. Thank you guys for th responses, I appreciate. Also have another question. I recently got this line which I'm not sure is a smile line or a winkle. It appears to go away when I've gained weight, and come back when I lose weight, though it never used to be there in the past, which is why I'm not sure. Second pic is after I've pushed it in, but it looks like it is in the first pic otherwise.
  6. Wow. Thank you for the kind words, makes me feel better. I was actually serious im being serious to, your skin looks fine. i cant see any flaws. do this trick it works for me, when lookin in a mirror focus only on your eyes nose mouth, these are the normal parts people look at when talking to you, rotate between the 3 for at least 15-30seconds. you will notice that your skin is fine, and no one is looking for your imperfections . That's a good method, thank you very much. I do appreciate
  7. Wow. Thank you for the kind words, makes me feel better. I was actually serious
  8. Suffered from severe acne years ago. These pics are probably the worst angle for my skin, I don't think it looks this bad usually. I'm not sure if this is scarring, or wrinkles, I'm only 23. I don't even have wrinkles near my eyes where a lot of people generally do, so I doubt these are wrinkles. I've posted two pics where I'm smiling at my most to show you guys the folds on my cheeks, and two regular ones. Again, the angle or lighting probably makes it look worse, but I still hate it. A
  9. For some reason, I came across an article that said the chemicals in sun screens and such products can cause irritation, scarring, and aging in the long run. I know the sun is the worst enemy to the skin and won't help anything, but could using a facial moisturizer/sunscreen actually cause these things? I recently bought an SPF 50 shiseido product but have been hesitant to use it. Would like opinions from others. Thanks guys
  10. Thanks for the response. I have friends that have smoked for over 10 years and still don't have those lines around the mouth, I try to tell myself I've not don't any damage since I've stopped ! Keeps me sane :) What kind of chemical peels? I always have the impression they're harsh on the skin, I should look into them. I hope we both will be :)
  11. I am seriously becoming obsessed. After my acne cleared up, I started working on my scars and now have very nice skin. I smoked for 4 years and I'm terrified that I've damaged my skin because of it permenantly. I am now obsessed with having wrinkle free skin. I still have very nice skin and people usually assume I'm years younger than I actually am. Could the smoking I did make me age prematurely? (I have quit btw). Any recommendations to help keep skin wrinkle free in the future? I am
  12. Alrite so i'm away from uni. Ive read alot of good things about nizoral. Recently my dandruff has been over the roof, and im starting to get some hairfall aswell. I'm too broke to open a file(since it would be my first time) / get a doctors consult, so i'm just wondering. Could it do me harm to start the nizoral shampoo without a doctors consult? Thanks in adv everybody
  13. Alrite thanks everybody Im going to start washing my hair every other day Diets not bad at all, so i dont think that would be the issue. I hope its just all in my head. Also , i'll switch to head and shoulders. I get a bit of dandruff otherwise Head and shoulders is said to be a mild / good shampoo i've read. So yeah
  14. Maybe it is that im becoming more aware, true that. Is there anything i can do to improve it though? I use the shampoo "clear"? Maybe i could change to another shampoo? or Not shampoo my hair everyday? hmm And thanks for the help
  15. Im only 18 ANd im not sure . My hairs not long at all, and i barely use gel. Lately when i shower i see hairs on my hands. Its not ALOTTT, but i dont think it was like that before, and im just worried. Also, alot of times when i try to pull hair off of my head ( even though i dont pull very hard), i still see a hair sometimes two in my hand. This doesnt happen all the time, but it still does. This normal?? Can i do something to improve?? Maybe not use shampoo everyday? ANYTHING i could do? Than
  16. Aight if it dries me about, i'll use mosturizor but generely, does it do the same thing?
  17. So Dalacin T lotion has been working AMAZING for me for the past 4 months ive been everywhere here, and i cudnt find Dalacin T lotion. All that i get is the solution does it have the same affect? Thanks guys
  18. nono its the same stuff man I bought mine from where i live at for the first 2 months, and it was quiet expensive. For the rest of the 4 months, i got an indian friend of mine (who ALSO used accutane which he bought from India) to get me them, and it worked exactly the same.. So yeah Just that it wasnt called accutane, was sotret. Same stuff though man
  19. I agree with this Makes me sound like an ass, but i dont want everyone to know that i struggle this much with my acne.
  20. wow man! i swear to you thats EXACTLYYY my story used to put darker make up which i'd steal from my mom. Only on the spots wud make me feel a hundread times better, and i thot nobody wud know. And LOTS of gurls laughed behind my back. so embarassing, especially with the fluroscent light lol. I always wishd they had yellow lights in school so yeah same. Oh and i wore it all the way up to my graduation day on grade 12 . Used to use it alot less in grade 12, just had marks, and i got a proper co
  21. No man your not ugly at all! ( no homo ofcourse lol ) And your acne aint bad at alll If i were you i'd use some facewash (clean and clear) twice a day + Dalacin T Lotion again twice a day. Morning and night Should work Or if youve already started with Dan's regimen, that should do the trick too Good Luck man
  22. Dont worry about it too much Well mine wasnt too bad, lasted about 15 - 20 days. And it was just a FEW more pimples than usual. Didnt make too much of a difference Dont worrry ! And good luck
  23. I used to use it as welll Made me feel 100 times better, but make sure you put it on right. Once this gurl saw some on my face lmao that was the most embarassing thing EVER. Was in high school So yeah just make sure you put it on properly Oh and im not sure which ones dont clog your pores, sorry
  24. Get Dalacin T Lotion! My acne started coming back. And im clear since i started usin it Try it out before you go on accutane again