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  1. Hi, I got referred to Dr. Michelle Hunt. She's a dermatologist and when i went there a couple weeks ago she suggested me to get Fraxel done. The place is called Inner Sydney Dermatology at Rhodes shopping centre. It's quite pricey though. Best if you give them a call and have her assess your skin to see what treatment options are best for you. But the price for fraxel costs $1500 for full face per treatment, but $750 for certain parts of the face only. I dont think if you dont have any form o
  2. omg i used to get those ALL THE TIME!!! then like a while later i didnt get them anymore, and i get them on my face instead OMFG... i rather them inside of my nose, and deal with the pain than having them on my face.
  3. i put aloe vera concentrate on it, and it works well for me like if its a red bump, normally it just goes away if u apply it early.
  4. hey guys, has anyone bought and used any chemical peels?? and how was the outcome? did it work well? cos i want to try it out, but i dont know how well the chemical peels u can buy are. Ive had some done at the beauty therapist, but that was a while ago before when i had acne. Now its just some pimples, not really that bad, but i have some marks and shallow scars i want to get rid of. Soooo, can i get some insights of how effective the chemicals u purchase online are?
  5. ^you must be kidding me, that would be overkill for my face. Then again, I'm a boy, and i dont use make up nor intend to lol
  6. ^lol, i don't believe you at all!
  7. yeah same, i stopped for like 3 months, and i started whacking off 3 times this week and what do you know? I end up with 3 spots on my face... great.
  8. Proactiv didn't work for me, and their active ingredient is BP, so my question is, will this regimen work for me because it too contains BP, and i know for a fact that my skin and BP don't really go together. ;[ I've been using salicylic acid for a while now, and it's ok, i have been clear for about 3 weeks now, and just yesterday i got a large zit under my eye, and another 2 smaller ones on my chin, and it's annoying me. So, should i stick with salicylic or switch to Dan's regimen, as i heard
  9. no i've been using this product for a long time now, but i have these bumps that never seem to go away, so i decided to cleanse longer. I remember when i was using proactiv that they told you to massage 1-2 minutes into the skin so that the BP would penetrate deep into the skin, so i figured i would do the same with this product.. but the bumps wont go away and it's pissing me off, not that its noticeable to others though, but whenever i cleanse my face, and having my fingers go over those bumps
  10. Is rice really that bad for the skin? Should I aviod it at all costs? I heard that they spike the sugar levels in the blood which is bad. ;[ Also is crispbread good or bad? I'm talking about those Kraft ones, which are wholemeal?
  11. whatt??? how are u suppose to wash ur face in 10 seconds i dont get it.. Well not 5 minutes, probably around 3 or 4 minutes lol But what happens to the dead skin cells, i mean, if u dont wash properly, isn't it like the same as not washing?
  12. ok, so when i cleanse my face, how long do i have to cleanse it for? is cleansing the face for a long period of time bad? say 5 minutes or more? By the way, i use a cleanser that has salicylic acid in it, and im not sure if i should leave it on the face for more than 2 minutes.
  13. yeah always, sometimes when i take pills at a club, i sweat like crazzzy, but i guess that's a side effect lol. But then im a guy, so i just splash some water on my face and everything's ok again. Well, just try to leave when it's still dark, not during the break of dawn lol
  14. cysts takes a very long time to go away, it doesn't disappear like normal pimples. It's like what you describe, how they flatten, not as lumpy, but still hard underneath. Just put some aloe vera or whatever you use on it everyday and eventually it will go away. It takes a long time though, takes me sometimes up to 1-2 months to fully disappear. And as for your "werid bump under the chin" just leave it alone, they are most likely pimples under the skin. Are you trying to squeeze it? Because that
  15. well it looks like i have some of those along side of my nose, they felt very bumpy and rough. I put aloe vera gel on it everyday and its almost gone... also i had them for a very long time.. i think they are clogged pores/comedonal acne too