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  1. You could try mixing the foundations on your face. Put on a light layer of fawn, then a light layer of fair olive, and the last layer of something like light golden. If that works out then you can use the small sizes together in a mixing jar to get a decent amount of foundation. I tried a ton of different shades and never found one that matches. I ended up adding 1/2 a large fairly light beige with 1 small fairly light neutral and 1 small fair olive. Thankfully they have those large mixing j
  2. I noticed this too. My kabuki took over two days to dry, whereas the natural hair brushes dried in about 12 hours. Exactly! 1 day for the normal kabuki, and the flat top 2! But, thats why I keep my natural as a backup :)
  3. I loovee their new kabuki brushes. Their old kabuki shed on me like a nervous chihuahua! The new ones are ultra soft. They never feel like they are scratching my face! My only peeve is that the flat top kabuki takes a while to dry after I clean it... Also here's a tip for anyone having concealer problems. Just like you don't put all your foundation on at once, you def. want to layer your concealer. I know it's like a broken record with us mineralites, but it's TRUE! I put a thin layer
  4. From what I read here "You can even use olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Vaseline ... " It looks like it really depends on what kind of eye makeup you wear. If it's waterproof, oil is whats going to help. I'm not sure if oil free soap based removers are more harmful. But jojoba oil certainly wouldn't hurt things. Hope this helps. ;)
  5. I feel your pain! But I think I might have a soultion for you. If you have a measuring tape THIS website is a godsend. http://www.zafu.com/ Give them your measurements and find the perfect fit of jeans, or bra, or plus sized clothing! it's similar to Myshape.com but has a better jean selection!
  6. Pretty similar though I may be paler. [Removed because the link was broken] My hair WAS black but I am growing it out at the moment. Thankfully, my last black dye had a brownish base. So it faded in a way that isn't too noticeable.
  7. It's true. The silk dust does so much to control my oily skin! I put it on even when I don't wear makeup just so I don't have to blot during the day. Some of the EMers sleep in it. Look at the ingredients, it's great for your skin.
  8. can any of this be purchased online? Or do I need a prescription? I know there was some dermdoctor (maybe?) website that had a treatment, but I was wary of trying something that expensive and then not having it work!
  9. I have them! Yesterday I went without makeup entirely. They blotting papers don't seem to work as well as the blue ones you can get at the drugstore. But! They are better for the environment and I'm alright with having to use two. To give you some perspective on my oilyness, the intensive formula and the silk finishing powder make it so I don't have to blot at all during the day. _______________________ Oh and guess what guys. :( Apparently the pinkness in my face was due to acne and us
  10. I used this foundation before switching over to Everyday Minerals. It worked great for me though I did have to blot a lot during the day to remove oil.
  11. Here's a picture of samba lessons. This picture doesn't do it justice. The flash killed it a little. Never the less, I am in LOVE. Also, on the center of my lid is "good china". Both of these colors are shimmery and fabulous. I can't wait to use it as a liner! http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/7519/sambalessonsrq7.jpg Also I have a question! Do you put your foundation on your eyes? And also, is it best when covering undereyes to apply it wet or dry?
  12. My blotting papers came in the mail today! The package is really attractive. They work pretty well! I like that they are 100% natural. Lets see if they can tackle my oil!