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  1. Thank you very much So it's a "normal" subcision he performs? What about the little cuts? Wouldn't there arise new scars out of this? One morge question for my psyche: Could it be that scars look much worse in the display of my smartphone, car windows or shop windows (all mirrored) than they do in real life?
  2. Ok because in the Internet page of my doc is the descreption: "About milimeter slices a cannula is introtuced" (sorry gor the bad translation, don't know how to translate exactly :D)
  3. Do you think also about traditionel subcision or only one with the NOKOR? I ask because my doc only offers traditionel
  4. Okay then I'm calmed down, thanks Do you think I could also start with RF Microneedling or wouldn't improvme this anything bevore subcising? Honestly I think subcision is a dangerous treatment even most people here don't think it is, I know But personally for me it sounds dangerous :P So could I try Intracel at first and look how satisfied I am then? Yeah, I shouldnt take pics like this anymore. In real life most people didn't even noticed my scars till I told about them
  5. Are all people shocked now or don't know what to do? Honestly they dont look like that in real
  6. Okay so everbody means that subcision is the way to go?
  7. Yeah, even when I look at them with a flaslight in the mirror they don't look so bad. I think this picture really shows everythink and not only my acne scars Furthermore this picture is taken very close, when I take one from a little bit further away and I stretch my skin it looks nearly perfect?! (same in the mirror with flashlight from under). Just like the following pictures. Ok little all-clear and update: Because I can't believe that my scars looks like this I've tried the following: I'v
  8. So you think subcision is the way to go? Honestly I've never seen them so bad
  9. Here is a picture in a better quality and in the badest lighting. It looks very severe there How much improvment could I expect? And is Intracel the way to go? Notice how it changes when I stretch my skin only light. I was frightend how they look there. Never seen them like that Are they still easy to treat? Can't believe that
  10. But I don't understand why they go away when I stretch my skin. I always thought that this is only the case for rolling scars Or is this also a sign for boxscar scarring? And one last question: Could Intracel also work to a certain degree if the scar is tethered down or should I do subcision first then?
  11. Someones knows advice? I'm not sure what type of scars are mine. When the light comes from behind my skin looks kind of wavy. Don't know how to descripe Can Intracel help with this? Maybe in this picture you could see this "wave texture" better. When I pull back my skin most of them are away. Don't know what to do For a facelift I'm too young
  12. @Obi wan Maybe you have only looked at this picture. Then you're right these are tethered, but I think most of his scars aren't
  13. Thanks for all the good answers yet :) I don't know what type of scars I have. For sure they are distensible and when I stretch my skin many of them smoothed out. But isn't this a sign for rolling scars and not boxscars? I'm confused
  14. Okay are there any user reviews in this forum here for RF Microneedling? And is Intracel also helpful for rolling scars which are not deep?
  15. Hi there, just wanted to ask which kind of scars I got and how to treat them? Subcision or Intracel?