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  1. haha yes, im aware of this but ya, still having some breaking out around the mouth... its somewhat under control though finally. woohoo
  2. you need to avoid everything except the tazorac... and i wouldve stuck with the clindamycin. i use to use a face wash every morning.. clearasil.. and after i got rid of that and everything else i did with my face besides taz and duac, my skin is starting to look greattt. im on a month and 8 days.
  3. definitely cut it out if youre more worried about acne. once i started taking whey protein, 2 a day about, my acne started to get absolutely horrible. i attribute all of it to this. along with alot of milk, and a general body building diet.
  4. forggget that. duac zaps zits like nobodys business. once your skin starts tolerating it (will burn first week or two), you will be able to literally see the zits disappearing in a matter of days. in conjunction with tazorac, from my experience.
  5. stop it, you guys are scaring me. taz is doing awesommme!!
  6. i dont beleive in bp/the regimen at all from my experiences. youre wasting your time if you have bad/embarassing acne and load on bp. my skin starting get so bad and gross looking, and just pale white with all the acne, and after a bout 5 weeks on retin a im clearer than i have been in ever.
  7. just a weight lifters diet in general will own you if you have acne prone skin. i always had a few zits here and there... and after lifting, drinking hella milk, all types of food all day, after 2 months, is when it starting getting really bad. its in good control now with taz/duac, but damnnn it was bad
  8. disagreed i notice when i have a 'bad week', where to all my acne knowledge i didn't take care of myself, id have a break out from it about 2-3 weeks later..
  9. if youre really serious about clearing your acne from the inside... with nutrition and etc... i would recommend the acne no more book... i bought it for 40 dollars.. and it does seem that if you went through the strenous steps, you would see the full benefit.. howwwever... when i say streneous steps, its not to be taking lightly.. its asking for a complete turn around in daily life/eating habits. anddd it costs 40 dollars and is only a pdf file... like a 200 page book online. chapters stress
  10. id say the taz im on a month and 5 days... my face is quite red and peels a couple/few days out of the week... it seems like the only time it peels is when i have to go out and about. but damnn is it ever working.. i also want to cut down eventually.. to every other day or osmething, once im completely clear though. since taz thins the layer of the skin.. i think teh blushing is just made more evident due to less layers. fuck im high and rambling. hope some of that made sense
  11. ...oh? texture still sucks. pale with red dots. real hot.
  12. uggh. hate my skins texture but acne is subsiding