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  1. Okay guys, back with an update. I am in San Diego at the moment, and met with Rullan day before yesterday. He did what his team calls the trio. First he painted my narrow box and pits with 88% carbolic acid. Then he subcised my cheeks with 18 gauge cannula. The process was very different from Morganroth's. Then he microneedled my cheeks at depths switching between 1.5 and 2 mm. My face was priceless haha. It looked like I had three tennis balls in each cheek. They also injected me with som
  2. Not super happy. I do have about 8 scars that could get quite a bit better. Also, I think it's easy to forget the progress one has made. I saw my sister after a year last month. She said she couldn't see my scars anymore. I guess I am too hard on myself. I have had two. There were 3 months apart. I am trying to get another round later this year.
  3. Not microswelling. It's been more than a year since I got my last subcision.
  4. @beautifulambition on my right cheek is a big boxcar scar which Morganroth said would improve more with another subcision. On my left side are these ice pick scars next to my nose, and a boxcar scar that has improved but could use more improvement. On my left cheek are some rolling scars, not too big. I also have linear indentations; I am guessing they are narrow boxcars. I have just showered, so they are red. But I do have some redness. Morganroth had warned me though;
  5. @beautifulambition thanks for your guidance so far. I just turned 29, and had met with Morganroth last year before moving out of California. I live in Virginia now, and he recommended that I see Steven Rotter and get another round of subcision done. It will be my 3rd. He thinks it will help. I also think I need skin resurfacing for textural issues. I asked Morganroth if Infini RF is a good idea. He advised against it and said Fraxel is better. Here are my questions: - is Fraxel r
  6. Hard to put a number to it but it's definitely better than before. I had 26 scars before, now I have 8 that still need (more) correction. So I would say perhaps ((26-8)/26)*100%? I plan to get another subcision early next year.
  7. I had my second subcision in May and haven't had anything done since then
  8. In my experience, such wounds have pus inside. Have you considered compressing with saline water? I would heat water and dissolve some salt in it. Next, I would soak cotton pads in it and compress for about 30 minutes, putting the cotton wool to the cyst till it cools down, and then repeat. This helps the pus to localize and rise to the top, thus helping the infection heal faster. I have also found retin A to be very useful in bringing infections to the surface.
  9. @beautifulambition when you get a chance, could you please let me know what you think? Thank you
  10. There's a new indentation I see, like a linear scar, possibly a nokor entry point scar. Is there a chance this may resolve itself or something I can do to get it resolved at this stage? It's been ten days since subcision. Also, when can I start micro needling? Thank you
  11. Exactly a week since 1st subcision. Right Left: Forehead:
  12. Thank you. I didn't have much bruising till yesterday. Things had started turning yellow in fact. I think I slightly overdid the suction last evening (about four passes 4 seconds each)other and have cupping marks as well as bruising. Some of the deeper scars have started to get re-depressed thought I *think* to a shallower extent. I don't feel any hard lumps under my skin yet.
  13. My face is blue and black and its been six days! I believe its because of the suctioning.
  14. Is it possible that I may end up getting hypertrophic scars?
  15. I started suction today, using a Chinese cupping set that I bought of Amazon. I have suctioned the subcised areas, and held the suction pump up to a count of ten. As expected, the area immediately became dark due to a rush of blood. Suctioning was not uncomfortable at all. I intend to do this everyday. The chicken pox scar on my forehead looks quite the same even after the subcision. Same goes for the deepest icepick scar next to my nose. The doctor did not subcise the other icepick scars.