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  1. My acne is not going away and now I'm goin back on accutane for the 4th time. I'll take 20mg a day for a while. So why can't a person use it their entire life if they have to assuming they don't have any liver or bone density problems? I was reading that some people with a certain skin condition take it their whole life at somewhat high doses--80mg and up. I can deal with soreness and dry lips so what is the problem?
  2. I'm 28 and have had acne since I was a teenager. I've tried EVERYTHING including 4-5 courses of accutane which worked for a while but eventually the acne came back each time after a few months. (I don't regret taking the accutane) I had terrible depression at times and for the most part, my whole life has revolved around my acne and insecurity about it. Anyways, enough with the sad story and on to how I (hope) my acne was cured. I don't even like typing this for fear that the acne will come
  3. How long were you taking the ketoconazole for that it affected your liver?
  4. I live in Wisconsine and during the winters my acne is much better than in the summers, although it is still not good. I'm 29. I recently took a trip to the south for 2 weeks and went to the beach twice. I used Neutragina non comodegenic spf 45 sunscreen on my face and body. Well, the acne flaired up and I don't believe it was only from the beach or sunscreen because I realy didn't sweat much since it was only about 75-80 degrees and dry. This realy got me upset because it ruined my trip an
  5. Over about 5 years, I've done 3 regular courses of accutane and then one that was about 40mg a day. My skin was great while taking it and for a few months after but the acne always comes back although not as bad as it originaly was. It's not realy that bad but I'm 28 and feel way to old to have acne. I can stand a pimple or two now and then, but my face is never realy clear. Taking accutane a low dosages sounds like it'd be pretty safe and I think that 2 20mg pills a week would probably kee
  6. I've been getting a lot of small bumps on my face and forehead, especially when it was hot outside and I'd sweat. Now that it's cooler and I don't sweat, they're not as bad. A lot of times a spot will start to itch and even if I don't scratch it, a small bump will appear. The itch lasts for about an hour. Right now I'm using solodyn 200mg, 10% BP face wash morning and night, and Finacea morning and night. I've been using this stuff for about 2-3 weeks and the bumps are alot better than they
  7. I'm 27. I've tried retin-a, differin, tazorac, finacea, minocylin, and some other antibiotics, face washes, benzamyacin, etc.
  8. I've been on 3 courses of accutane and my acne keeps coming back. It's the only thing that takes care of it though. Would taking 40mg a day for a long period of time be bad? My doctor said that there are people that take accutane for their whole lives but it was for a reason other than acne but it can weaken bones. I didn't ask him about taking it long term for my acne. I'm desperate because this acne is ruining my life. I don't even want to go outside. I've tried so many topicals and an