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  1. It's expensive, but if you're desperate for a good makeup line that won't clog your pores and even your skin tone, I suggest Bare Minerals. I've purchased the following by this line: Bisque -- The bisque is a great coverup. I put it on first and it lessens the redness on my face. I can wake up with an icky, under-the-skin-ready-to-ruin-my-life zit and with just a bit of the bisque, it's still there, but much less noticeable. It also really helps my scarring look less prominent. Foundation -
  2. You may hate your face, but you have NO IDEA how much I would KILL for your skin. I registered here just so I could say that. I hope you feel better about your skin soon. I think if you're really upset about it, try a really good makeup (males and females can use it). It's called Bare Minerals, and it's a mineral makeup that is so light and breathable that it doesn't clog. You can even sleep in it. It really evens out my skin coloring (I have terrible red scars and it really, REALLY helps lesse