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  1. sorry i meant to say i do apply to both cheeks at the same time
  2. Ive been going crazy washing my hands each time i apply BP to a different side of my face (left cheek, right cheek). does this even help or am i just wasting time and my SANITY!
  3. I have a question about using dans benzoyl peroxide. I've expiremented with two different application methods and i want to know which one works better EX #1 i have ance on my cheeks on both sides so on each side i apply about 5 dime size applications, (exp- apply first dime size, massage until absorbed, then apply 2nd, 3rd etc.) and then apply a small amount of moisturizer. I use this method when i have to go to school because i dont want my face to look white on the edges. EX #2 - I massage
  4. Hey guys well i've been using cetaphil face wash along with neatragena on the spot bp, and cetaphil moisturizer. Its been about a month now and my acne is finally begun to die down a bit, i bought dans starter package (face wash, bp, moisturizer) i did some research on his face wash though and many people are saying it made them break out worse, cetaphil is working fine for me so should i just stick with it and not risk a worse break out? thanks adam