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  1. Keep yourself busy. Seriously it keeps your mind off of things. Ive had weeks on end where I was too busy to care to have sex with a GF when i have one or to masturbate when I dont. It doesnt work for me though. Nothing does although I am beginning to think I am outgrowing my oily skin as it has been less oily in the past few weeks for no reason.
  2. My face is very reactive to ACV as well. My supplements look like this: Vitamin c with rose hips Zinc B5 Evening primrose oil The only common one we share is zinc. I am still looking for what completely rids my face of its oiliness so I am always trying new things so it could have been something else. I did take fish oil for a month but that was before acv.
  3. anyone used this product of b5 before? http://www.amazon.com/1Fast400-Powder-Pant...ef=pd_sim_hpc_1 I am having good results so far but I am moving to japan in 2 months and need to bring all my b5 with me. I need a good quality BULK order of b5 as will still be megadosing for a good 15 days before i take it down to 2 grams or so a day.
  4. slips and tangles --I have big problems with nausea and fish oil too. I don't think you have a bad batch but try opening one up and have someone who likes fatty fish smell it and give their opinion about rancidness. A lot of fish oils come from liver which definitely has a small pool of american devotee's. I'm determined to get a source of epa or dha I can tolerate. I am looking for a supplement that has natural or artificial dha and epa without the oil. I know that's difficult because dha a
  5. I am not really on the regimen but since i use alot of dans products i figured this is the proper place to put this question. My skin is naturally pretty oily but with the fish oil supplements it has decreased dramatically. I know that the shinyness i am getting is not from the oil on my face but from the sunscreen i put on in the morning. I used aveeno face spf 30 currently. It doesnt clog my pores but it leaves my face shiny and i have to clean it up with oil absorbing sheets. ANy suncreens th
  6. I Have very oily skin which resulted in some clogged pore acne before i figured out what works on my face. I got acne when i was 14 and have had mild to moderate acne till now (17). My current regime is dans cleanser, BHA 2% liquid, spot BP treatment For moisterizing(sp) I use aha + jojoba at night aveeno 30 SPF + jojoba in the mornings. At night I use a MOM mask and in the mornings i use MOM to clean up the oil and then a super anti oxidant oil mattifying solution on top of that. I k
  7. Im using phillips, non flavored. I leave it on both morning and night. Ive found if i use my hands to rub it in the morning I can be completely white free as opposed to using a cotton ball. No one really knows what it does for acne at the moment. There are alot of theories out there. What ive heard is that it does in fact calm you skin and acne. I think MOM is mainly for people whos acne is caused because of excess oil on their faces. Getting rid of that oil gets rid of the main componen
  8. Im using phillips, non flavored. I leave it on both morning and night. Ive found if i use my hands to rub it in the morning I can be completely white free as opposed to using a cotton ball.
  9. or at least I am convinced of it. Ive battle with acne for years. Unfortunately I have my dads sebum genes and my moms skin genes which make my face a mess sometimes. Ive always had a moderate acne with very oily skin. I have been on Dans regimen for years but no real luck on curing my acne problem until....... I found Milk of Magnesia. I has been reading about it online and finally decided to take the plunge. In the week I hae been using it, my acne is literally disappearing. My skin is almos
  10. The cleanser seems to be the problem. My skin becomes very flaky and dry after washing whihc in turn might lead to redness and oiliness and bad results. What do you guys recommend as a good cleanser in lieu of dans cleanser? Or should i slowly back off bp and see what happens?
  11. When starting the regimen, acne was probably like that except all over my face not just around my mouth and chin. I do use slightly less bp the a finger full but very close. Dont seem to be making any mistakes on the regimen. To tell you the truth, what bothers me the most isnt the acne but the redness and oily skin Im getting while still on the regimen. What are the ways of fixing those two things?
  12. Ive been on the regimen for a year now but still have acne and redness. This is really starting to irritate me. I also seem to still have oily skin. my regimen is just all three of dans products twice a day. Any advice or help? Anything i could change?