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  1. Length of course: 6 months (20 mg/day for the first two weeks, 40 mg/day for the next two weeks, then 60 mg/day for the next 5 moths) Side effects: Eczema on my hands and arms Dry lips Frequent bloody nose Dry skin Hair shedding It's been a year since I finished my Accutane course, and it took me that long to decide where I would fall - negative or positive? Accutane did amazing things for my skin, and my side effects at the time were really minimal. However, in the last month I was on it, my
  2. Happy birthday! :D

  3. I still use the leftovers that I have from them, but I don't plan on ordering from them again. I've found a better color match in Meow Cosmetics, and they're actually more affordable.
  4. When I first started using BHA I definitely noticed an improvement in inflammation, so that could definitely be a reason why your face looks good!
  5. Unfortunately, most chapsticks with SPF have crap sunscreen ingredients that only protect from UVB, not UVA. Usually they just have Octinoxate, which, while a good sunscreen ingredient, primarily protects from UVB. Looks for ones that also have Titanium Dioxide and/or Oxybenzone, which are broader spectrum sunscreen agents. I am a fan of the ChapStick brand chapsticks. The one mentioned above is one of the better SPF chapsticks out there.
  6. Threading is fine - mechanically it's the same as tweezing, you're just grabbing more than one hair at a time. Waxing is only a no no because it grabs your skin as well.
  7. Ditto, it is flu season. I would recommend taking a break from the 'tane, letting your body get better, then start up again once you feel better. If you get sick again once you start the 'tane again, then I'd talk to your doctor. Remember to drink plenty of fluids!
  8. I just started them. There's no way they can tell when you have your period.
  9. i saw u like comedians like minchin + izzard, do you know bill bailey?

  10. I used to use it on a daily basis (before my skin cleared up)....had VERY oily skin. This worked well for me - it doesn't give you much coverage, but will nicely "even" out skin. Never broke me out. It blends easily, so as long as you get the right color, it shouldn't be noticeable. What I used to do was put this on, then dust on powder over it, which gave me a pretty flawless look (plus concealer on the bad spots). Even though I'm clear now, I'm considering getting it again. I'm having en
  11. Or, just don't take the birth control, be abstinent, and tell your doctor that you took the birth control. They can't tell one way or another if you've taken it.
  12. I've used this in the past and been really happy with it: http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/barely...f-20/Complexion You can order samples, which is always nice!