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  1. _erin_

    Scale of 1-10, how bad are my scars?

    These my scars (well half of them anyways, arrg). I have good days and bad days -- mainly bad when I find horrible lighting such as this. Just wondering how severe my scars are. Thanks!
  2. _erin_

    What counts is on the inside? HA!!

    Beginning of my Acne to the scarring stage....
  3. does anyone have Fraxel before and after pictures they could send me... or even a link to ppl who have had it done. I am going in for a consultation on the 10th... it will cost me 4 grand to have it done. Just want to know if its worth doing. ***Does anyone have any success stories?!!!!
  4. Hey!! I just had my 3rd profractional done.... total cost 500 buckeroos!!! The doctor who performed the profractional on me was amazing!! she did the profractional pretty deep.. and said by november i should see 50% improvement. I hate my acnes more than anything, and have lost all my confidence, but i am hoping this will help me out!!! if u have any questions about the procedure send me a message:)
  5. So i have really bad ance scars.... and I am FINALLY losing weight... BUT, it always comes off my face first. Will my scars be more noticeable if loose a lot of weight?? HELP!!
  6. Can anyone tell me some good makeup tips for covering up icepick, rolling, BIG A*S holes in my face etc!!!! Thanks:)
  7. i have some deep scars.. and was wondering if its possible.. over time.. can they heal a bit on their own? or will they be that hideous for ever:(
  8. Ive did it twice, overall what you will experience is a smoother complexion, and the scars become less obvious. Though my deep scars are still there, dont expect any dramatic levelling...
  9. Has anyone had success with the Profraxel? (different from just the fraxel i've heard so much about). I am on my second treatment, and am more depressed than ever:(
  10. Hey Gurl I had the profraxel done (not entirely sure if there is a huge difference) I had it done on Middle of April.. and my face is still red... my derm perscribed a steroid cream to me, and it helped with the redness like CRAZY!!!!!! Ask about okay, i promise you it will help you out:) All the best to you!!! oh shoot.. haha, i just realized it was posted LAST year!!!! how do u like the profraxel now? improvements at all?>
  11. Hey, im on my second treatment. It takes awhile to see results, but as of right now I would recommend having it done. If ur interested, I can keep u posted on my results!!! hopefully i'll have good news for ya!!
  12. I just had my second profractional treatment. Did u have any luck with urs?!! Were u in alot of pain, and did u stay red for a long time? I was red for a good three weeks, and then i went for the treatment again, so im sure i'll be red for a VERY long time. I hope this works out... i've noticed my pores are smaller, but its the stupid scars that i care about. Keep me updated on ur profractional!!! I have one more to go, hopefully by then i'll see some sort of result!!! Good luck to ya!
  13. So i finally got my acne under control... acne scars and red marks on the other hand.. horrible. anyways, my face has become extremelly oily. An suggestions?!! I use blot towels as if they are going out of style, i drink plenty of water, eat healthy, mositurize, and use oil free products. Help!!!
  14. Does anyone kno how i can reduce my supersized pores?? i have never seen pores so big!!! Any products that u would recommend? plz help! Thanks
  15. Is tanning really bad for red marks?! i have tons of small red spots all over my cheeks.... there not raised or anything, just red and UGLY!! Will tanning make the marks worse!?