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  1. thanks for the replys !.... anyone esle take this pills and your experience ? I have taken Minocycline - I was able to take it on an empty stomach and not be sick over it however it did cause my face and body to feel pretty tingly and itchy. I only took it for a few days and then stopped however I do know someone who took it religously for months...He actually took Mino in conjunction with Differin - he stopped taking the differin and just did Mino. The Mino alone cleared up his severe a
  2. thanks for the reply :dance: ..i dont want to go accutane i heard its crazy .....im looking for other oral meds that arent bad like accutane
  3. Tetracycline , Minocycline , Doxycycline , Cephalexin , Amoxicillin , Erythromycin have any of you taken this cheaper acne pills without a prescription ......any side effects ? results ?
  4. which is better for mild acne RETIN-A MICRO 0.1% or 0.04% ?
  5. Pantethine is just another form of B5, but unlike the pantothenic acid you guys are taking you only have to take a small dose. I'm currently on 900mg (two 450 mg tablets), which is obviously much easier to take than many pantothenic acid pills and is less than is prescribed for people with other medical conditions. I've only been on it five days though, so I can't tell you how well it's working yet. EDIT: Oh yeah, no side effects; fewer even than pantothenic acid.
  6. i just got taking 5 teaspoons of ACV mixed with half cup of Sunny D orange juice ...i could barely taste the ACV in the back of my throat..... i bought the cheap kind though lol....Great Value Apple Cider Vinegar ill let u all know it if works .....then im gonna try Organic to see if theres a diffrence.... btw ..i dont see how you guys are making a big deal of taking ACV ! just mix it with half cup of Sunny D orange juice dammit !!!!!!!!!! let u all know in a week .....cya
  7. Heres my story with acne... ....I used to get pimples on my back, chest , fore head and it got real ugly on the cheek areas...tried everything from soaps to creams almost everything on the acne face wash shelf , gels , creams , soaps , you name it....nothing worked....well now mostly all of my acne has gone away.....here and there i get a white head on my 4 head or my chin area but nothing serious like before ! right now i can say im clear in all those areas....i guess it all went away cuss i