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  1. ive stopped eating pasta since i made the original post and it hasnt made a difference
  2. think i should get some kind of anti-anxiety meds? i'm actually always cold at work (thx A/C) but my face is always red. when i get home my face is fine (by fine i mean not dark red.. i still have the pimples unfortunatley ha) and im pretty good on weekends. ive been eating a low carb diet of chicken and brown rice for the most part too acne is killing me
  3. yep those -- mine are shallow too but are def visible im scared of burning off my face lol
  4. See attached. I've had most of these for several years and the derma said they are pretty shallow which is good but they haven't changed/faded at all really. Is laser the only way to fix this? It's really hampering my self-confidence
  5. i usually eat subway or chipotle chicken bowl for lunch and pasta/chicken breast or rice/beef or sushi or something for dinner and on the weekends, i usually go out as well for meals and drink alcohol so my diet isnt necessarily better but i agree and i've been trying to watch what i eat and definitely less sleep, although i do get 7 hours a day which should be enough my face is always flushed at work (again, probably stress) and i can feel all the blood flow in my face and see it in the
  6. so mon-fri is basically time for acne to form and weekends is when they heal this most likely means that my acne is brought on by stress what can i do to keep acne at bay during the week? (besides quitting lol) nizoral has worked well for me on my jaw/chin area but i still get some on cheeks/lower cheeks
  7. work obvious includes stress which can produce more oil/acne how do we control this at work where we have no choice but to engage in it within an hour of getting in, i start feeling a little oily and nasty and will be full on by lunch. i use a moisturizer in the morning which actually helps more than not having it since ur skin doesnt overcompensate if you dont have it then when i need to wash my whole face at lunch, that makes me produce even more oil by the end of the day and beyond (i don
  8. sorry i dont like a certain type of food. and i never said they were disgusting or bad. i just have a hard time eating them and prefer not to im sure you have food that you dont like. and im actually allergic to nuts and my IBS prevents me from eating some vegetables such as tomatoes and onions. i think u should take a step back from the computer and chill out
  9. Thanks. I do supplement with multivitamin and fish oils but I refuse to eat nuts/vegetables. I'd rather have acne than force myself to eat things I will gag on. I guess more fruit? But which fruit? and what about ribs? Some people here said red meat is bad and some said it is good. Same with eggs. How can I get sufficient calories on my constraints? Need more ideas. What about yogurt? Has lots of carbs too :/
  10. Currently my diet consists of: Banana Apple turnover Cinnamon raisin bagel Ralph's yogurt Two jumbo eggs Low glycemic Linguini with extra virgin olive oil and salt White jasmine rice with low sodium soy sauce Marinated beef short ribs (galbi) Snacks like Ritz crackers, wheat thins I hate nuts/seeds and I hate most vegetables (I don't eat salad for instance) How should I modify my diet to decrease my acne? There are a lot of conflicting topics in this forum such as whether to ea
  11. So I've been on 500mg cephalexin 2 2x a day for a month and my acne has gotten worse. I don't think it's because of the meds; it's most likely just because I'm back in school now. How long should I wait to see if this med will work? My derma said the last and next thing I could try would be accutane (I've tried about everything else) Thanks
  12. ive been on tetra, mino, doxy, proactive and many other stuff. derma said i have cyst and nodular acne that leaves scars and prescribed me cephalexin (keflex) 500mg. then i asked him about bp and he said just use water because topical stuff doesn't work! this goes against acne.org's regime. im starting to break out now though im starting to spot treat bp to try and stop this madness
  13. still have a small patch of dry skin on left side of mouth. face feels less tense though wow 3 weeks of bs from 2 use of AHA gg
  14. i still wake up everyday with flakes around my mouth and feels like my lips are plump moisturizer still makes face red