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  1. You don't have to worry about those pics being awful around here. In the real world you might want to avoid showing them, but on here you're helping out alot of people by showing your progress.
  2. thanks for sharing...this is very helpful and I'm going to look forward to following your thread.
  3. You need to check with a derm. It could be acne or it could be something else. Only one way to be sure. Also that's how my acne started. I was clear one day, and the next I had small acne bumps all over my face. I figured it would go away eventually because I never had bad acne breakouts. Well it's been 7 years and while I no longer have all those small bumps anymore I still have acne :(.
  4. I fail to see the emotional and psychological effects of acne in this thread
  5. I tried icing my face but then I broke out . I'm guessing because I iced it for too long. I kept it on one side of my cheek for about 15 minutes. I did this 2-3 times a day and it didn't help my inflamed pimples. In fact I started breaking out on the side of my face that I iced. Maybe I irritated my skin by keeping it on too long. Just don't make the same mistake I did.
  6. I hate November and December. But my reasons are because of the holidays. Yes it's a time for friends and family and that's what I hate the most at this moment . I always feel awkward showing my face in public
  7. Freshman year in college . That was 7 years ago. Things were going great. I had girls actually coming on to me, and my friends were setting me up with dates with girls that were interested in me. However during the summer I developed a huge acne problem, and my face has never been the same again
  8. When I wake up in the morning my face if pretty oily which of course probably contributes to my breakouts. So I was wondering if anybody knows of a good night time mask that controls oil but doesn't clog my pores while I'm sleeping.
  9. It's affected me greatly ...I'm not saying I'm a player or anything, but I will say that alot more girls were checking me out before my acne. I've lost confidence in myself, and I'm sure that is also attributing to the lack of dates lately. Not much I can do because unlike girls guys can't wear makeup
  10. I would try it but when you're talking about rubbing oil on the face I get too scared to even try . Maybe if someone would post some before and after shots I might be convinced to give it a try
  11. Are you a bodybuilder? If so I wouldn't recommend Accutane as it weakens your joints. I totally know what you mean. I'm sort of new here too, and I'm trying to read as much as possible. I was thinking of keeping up my ProActiv routine, but also mix in light therapy (I've heard good things about it). Then I'm going to look for a way to reduce my pores. Hopefully that will cure me. It's been too long and I like you can't take it anymore :(
  12. I remember when I went to see the derm and they prescribed all the usual stuff. Retin-A, accutane, etc. All those things ever did was make my skin super dry, and super red. I needlessly paid a derm for 1 year with hardly any results. I go in every 3 months, and he'll talk to me for 2 minutes and tell me to see him again in 3 months. It got soooo frustrating. I just use proActiv now, but it's not clearing me up as much as I would like. It's containing the acne somewhat, but I still have 10 or so
  13. Whatever gets rid of acne is a-ok in my book :) :dance:
  14. OMG I've suffered for 8 years with acne. I will try anything now. I'm going to order these right away and I'll let everyone here know how it went
  15. I've tried it before as a substitute to proactiv and it didn't help me too much. I still broke out and pretty badly. I still have acne with proactiv but at least I only get a few instead of the many that I would get using other three step programs. The three step program here did help me for awhile, but just like anything else it wasn't effective enough and I still broke out a lot.
  16. I've tried a lot of toners. The one that really leaves my face fresh and clean is the proactiv toner. Other toners sometimes makes my face feel not so clean.