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  1. Just another weekly update from me.

    So as of today I'm 100% clear, but I did breakout really bad on Wednesday. When I woke up that morning I had no acne, but work stressed me out so much (alot more then usual) that when I got home I saw 6 inflamed pimples. I popped the white heads out and applied some retin-a on them. I then went and got a chemical peel on Thursday. On Friday they were pretty much all gone, and on Saturday there was no sign that they were ever there, no redness or anything.

    So it took me only three days to completely get rid of these pimples when usually these things take 2-3 weeks to get rid of. Once again I feel it was a combination of things that I did to my face that helped clear me up not just niacin alone. Although I will say that I haven't applied any bp for the past week. I've only been washing my face with cetaphil and applying an oil controlling moisturizer while taking niacin this week.

  2. thanks crooked....should i take one or two today?

    I take two a day but I don't ever flush so it's not a problem for me. In the morning I take 250 mg on an empty stomach, and in the evening I take 500 mg after eating dinner. It seems to work for me, but I don't know if it will for you. Only one way to find out.

  3. TCA peels cant be used on darker skin. i cant use tca either. look into the Vi Peel,can be used on all skin tones :) im getting it in 2 weeks.it doent take a "series" of peels with the Vi peel to get results. google vi peel ,its amazing and im excited to have it done! leave peels to the pros.if they say the can do the tca peel, dont do it, it could damage your skin further. you could get darker patches or completely lose pigment. goodluck=)

    Hello All,

    I'm interested in using an at home chemical peel. I would like to know if anyone has tried this and if so...which type? I had a few in office chemical peels completed(30% beta lift peel), but that got way too expensive for me. I must say...it did work! I'm intrested in a TCA peel, which I do know is a much deeper peel. Please reply with any comment, suggestions, or testimonials. Thanks... :D

    I did the ViPeel and I will say that it's the best peel I've had. However one peel won't cure all if you have alot of red marks. In fact the first peel was minimal in improvement. However after the second one I saw a significant improvement. I did the peels 3 months apart and I will do another one in one more month.

  4. Another week has gone by and another week with a clear face. This is the 3rd straight week where I've had no acne. It's a mile stone for sure because I haven't had 5 straight days with no breakouts since 2001. Even when I was taking antibiotics last year I still got at least 1 or 2 a week.

    I'm not going to say it's all the niacin's doing, but it definitely hasn't hurt. I'm going to keep on taking it and keep up with my routines. I'm kind of nervous that my acne will come back, but I'm going to enjoy my face while it still looks good.

  5. Not to be a party pooper, because this sounds very interesting to me, but before I start anything new I always look up potential of overdose info. Some Vitamins and Minerals are great, unless you get too much, and then they can make you sick. If you are going to try this and have any strange symptoms, cut it back.

    Signs and symptoms of a niacin overdose include:

    Rapid heartbeat

    Skin flushing combined with dizziness


    Nausea and vomiting

    Abdominal pain


    Severe liver damage (hepatoxicity)

    If you're concerned about a potential niacin overdose, talk to your doctor to make sure you're taking the correct amount. If you think you may have overdosed, seek medical attention immediately.

    I'm sure there are risks, but as of yet I haven't shown any symptoms. I don't even flush when on the bottle it clearly states that is is the flushing kind.

    I take 250 mg in the morning and 500 mg at night.

  6. Just keeping everyone updated with my experience with Niacin. If anyone has read my old post they can see how I've progressed.

    I've been on Niacin for about 6 weeks now. As of right now I'm totally clear, but I don't know if niacin is the main reason why. Back about 3 weeks ago I did have a breakout with about 5 pimples that did get inflamed. It took about 2 weeks and now they're gone. About 2 weeks ago I also did a ViPeel. That could also be another reason why I'm totally clear. All I know is whatever it is I'm doing I'm going to keep doing it. I've suffered severe acne for the past 9 years and this is the first time I've ever been clear without the help of antibiotics.

  7. So it has now been about 2 weeks since I've taken Niacin and I wanted to keep everyone updated.

    I'm now taking 250 mg in the morning and 500 mg at night. I eat a meal before taking the pills and I do not flush whatsoever even though on the bottle it says it's the flushing kind.

    As for my acne I've seen a decrease to one or two a week, however (this is the really encouraging part) my acne doesn't become inflamed. Normally these little pint size acne will turn big and red, but since I've been taking niacin they've stayed small. They're normally gone within 3-5 days (instead of weeks), but of course I do help it out some by squeezing out the oil that's trapped. I'm really happy because these types of acne I can live with cause you'd have to look really close to even notice the small bump.

    I'll try to post another update next week.

  8. I'm trying Niacin right now. I've been taking 2 250mg tablets each day for the past 3 days. Thus far I've had no new acne show up and the ones that I had are fading away. I'm hopeful this will cure me, but I won't hold my breath. I'll try to update my status about once a week.

    JimSta which brand are you using? Is it regular Niacin or flush free.

    The brand I'm using is called "Finest" and it is the flush variety, however I don't ever seem to flush.

  9. I'm trying Niacin right now. I've been taking 2 250mg tablets each day for the past 3 days. Thus far I've had no new acne show up and the ones that I had are fading away. I'm hopeful this will cure me, but I won't hold my breath. I'll try to update my status about once a week.

  10. Just wanted to update everyone on my peel. The brown crust started peeling off between days 3-5 with the last of it on day 5. My face is normal looking again, but there are little patches where my skin is really pink however the pink discoloration is fading little by little everyday. Overall I think the peel improved my face very marginally. There are places where it worked great (my temple area) and there are places where I didn't see that much improvement (my cheeks). I'll keep getting peels since I paid for 6 sessions, but I'll only do 70% a few times. I'll stick with 50% because the social downtime for 70% is too long, and the improvement isn't that great to justify it.

  11. I'm kind of freaking out right now. I got a glycolic acid peel yesterday and today I have this dark crust. Underneath that dark crust I can make out some very pink skin. Is this normal? How long before this peels off?

  12. Those are some deep scars so a peel won't help you too much. In fact I have scars like that. You'll need something that can dig deep into the skin and help promote collagen. Consult your derm and see what type of laser procedure they can do for you.

  13. Alright it's been about 6 months later. I went back for my followup and I saw my before and after pics. I would estimate that I'm about 70% better. I'm really impressed with the laser and I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

    I'm going to be doing this one more time. The doctor has explained to me since I took the last procedure so well he'll up the intensity on the laser this time around. This will add an extra day to my recovery but the benefits far out way the extra day of social downtime. Any full facial laser procedures for me is now just $500 from now on so I would say that this is the best deal you can possibly get. The doctor feels that after this procedure my face will get between 90%-99% back to full smoothness again. With the amazing results I've already seen after just one procedure I'm leaning towards believing him.

  14. You're Asian right? Your skin is exactly like my skin and my scars looked exactly like that. After I finally got rid of all my acne I had a bunch of those discolorations and indention. The derm told me to wait like 6 months because they were suppose to eventually fill up and go away. Well 6 months passed and I still had the exact same problem. So I went out and did a smartxide dot laser procedure. It took some time but about 5 months since the procedure my face has become pretty smooth. The red marks are still there, but they told me that once my face has completely healed from the laser (which is about 6 months) then I can come back and do something to help fix those red marks.

  15. Day 3:

    my face is itchy, and I'm starting to peel around my lip area. My face is still very dark and and discolored.

    My sister who knows me best has commented on how much smoother and more even my complexion appears. I still can't say for certain how much better my face has gotten until my face fully peels, but things are looking good and my face is still looking even toned.

  16. Update for day 2:

    Lots of redmarks, millions of small pin holes, and discolored skin. On the upside my skin looks even. I can barely spot those deep pitted scars. This could be a temporary thing because right now my skin is all crusted, and given a couple more days my face should be peeling. After my skin peels I'll see what's left behind and then I can more accurately tell what percent improvement my face has made. Also no more burning pain when I wash my face. My skin doesn't feel baby soft anymore like it did yesterday. It's more like a hard crusty feel. The dead skin is almost ripe and ready to peel.

  17. Just wanted to update you guys and tell you on this first day my face hurts like heck everytime I wash it or put a moisturizing lotion on it. I immediately have to stick my face in the freezer for about a minute or so to cool it down. I'm alright with the pain though. Makes me feel like the laser did it's job and that my skin is getting better.

  18. So today I had a smartxide dot laser procedure done. Supposedly it's the most advanced laser resurfacing technology out there. It's suppose to give you close to the results of the best CO2 laser without the month long recovery time.

    If you want more info just go to this link: http://www.innovationsmedspa.com/smartxide_dot.php

    I've got some before pictures that I took and I'll take some after pics as well. I'll post them up in my gallery sometime this week. I just got to recover some first.

    The procedure was mostly painless. They numb your face for an hour and then blast away at your face with the laser over and over again. On my cheek and forehead it didn't hurt at all. It just feels like little pins poking at ya. However around my eyes and temple area it stung like heck as I'm more sensitive in those areas. The total laser resurfacing probably didn't last for more then 10 minutes. After that they put some cold wet towels on my face and fanned my face with some AC unit. At first my face didn't really feel all that hot, but five minutes after the laser I began to feel the burn. It wasn't too intense, but I'd imagine if my face wasn't numb and that AC unit wasn't blowing in my face it would feel like my skin might have had a 5th degree burn.

    Overall right now my face is pretty red and discolored, but my skin tone does look more even. I can't really judge yet how smooth my face has gotten. The discolored skin and the million of tiny dots on my face is making it hard to judge. I will say though that when I slid my finger down my cheek it felt smoother then I can ever remember.

    The only thing I worry about is my discoloration. I of course have alot of redmarks. The doc told me that the scar resurfacing procedure is different from the pigment discoloration procedure even though he uses the same laser. The settings are different and it looks like I'll have to wait another 3-6 months before I can have this procedure again to fix my red marks. The good news is when I do go back to the doc it will only cost me $15 per shot area from now on. If this laser did it's job right then I'm looking at only about $400 per visit in the future. The original procedure itself cost me $2500 and I used one of those cosmetic loan companies with 0% interest the first year to finance this. So overall I think what I got done for the price is more then satisfactory. I'll have more of an opinion on it after the 7th day when the redness finally goes away.

  19. After 8 years of bad acne I'm finally acne free thanks to Sweetheart519 recommending Dr. Nguyen to me (thanks sweetheart). It's been about 2 months since I've been totally clear and while the doc has told me I should wait several months before seeing a plastic surgeon I don't think I can wait. Sure I could wait a couple more months and see these scars disappear on their own, but I'm not going to hold my breath thinking they'll all go away. In all likelyhood even if I wait one more year the scars will still be there and I'll still have to see a cosmetic surgeon.

    So for anyone that has or knows of a good plastic surgeon can you please give me their contact info? I was thinking of contacting Dr. Lam, but before I decide he was the one for me I wanted to get other's opinion. I've got some rolling scars and some icepicks.

    Thanks a bunch to whoever can help me.

  20. It's very important to stay consistent with a particular routine for at least three months, if you feel the solution has merit based on the experiences of others, because your body needs time to respond in a positive way. It's likely that many do not experience noticeable progress from a particular effective routine merely because they become impatient and move to another option after only a few days, and this is the human inclination we all must battle against. Even drugs that are used for certain illnesses do not work immediately, so we cannot expect a diet change or topical product to provide instantaneous results.