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  1. TheManWhoSoldTheWorld

    Scars/hyperpigmentation nose

    Hello. About four years ago I squeezed two blackheads on my nose. I was left with these large red circles on my nose. One near the tip and one on the side. The red circles remained visible for about a year maybe and then faded. I couldn’t see them after that. Recently, last summer, I noticed two discolored spots on my nose reappear one day. They’re definitely the same marks I had in high school. They don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon and have only gotten darker since they’ve appear
  2. TheManWhoSoldTheWorld

    Red Marks On Nose From Squeezing... Help!

    I did the same thing to my nose back in high school. I came home from school one day, and I always had blackheads on my nose. By the end of the school day my nose would always be oily and I'd usually go home and shower because it made me uncomfortable. So one day I come home and I'd been thinking that if I just squeezed all my blackheads, there were so many of them, they would go away permanently! So I squeezed two of them, one on the front of my nose and one on the side. It wasn't really workin
  3. TheManWhoSoldTheWorld

    Fast ways to heal an acne scar on nose?

    I did the same thing to my nose back in high school. But I got two of those marks from trying to squeeze blackheads on my nose. I’m 22 now and recently, towards the end of last summer, I had some really bad skin issues for a couple weeks. My nose was oily all the time. I think it was from stress. I looked at my reflection one day and I noticed I had these two discolored spots on my nose. They were the same marks I had in high school! Now they were just these faded spots, still unsightly and awkw