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  1. Gio if only u knew all the things going on in that true life episode lol. U would laugh 10x harder. Killaor was the known name of the smash guy who did all the underground tournies in the true life episode, every game goes by a gametag. I was the one who knocked him out the tourny in the video and got like 4 mins of air time lol. Silly as it sounds I remember how hard that mtv episode use to piss me off. I was under contract with the organization who truly picked the 2 people who were on the sho
  2. yeah it use 2 have a gigantic following back in the day. Was one of the games on mlg pro tour as well. Top spot use to take home 5-7k per tourny, not counting all the money matches/ bets people challenge you two when your one of the top players. Unfornately its slowly dieing down, due to the new smash on wii which blows competitively in comparison, but still has a pretty large following to this day. Only under halo in the gaming world. Europe is still real big on smash tournies though, and has 3
  3. Doing something like a trip to Rome or Europe, sounds like it would be fun as hell. Rather it was a short lived time away from reg life or just a full life style change. I'm in somewhat a similiar boat, cept slightly different circumstances. When I was young I use to travel all around the U.S playing a game called super smash, I was considered one of the very best for a long time, so I literally went to about every state, playing all the best and normally winning in the money, then rinse repeat
  4. Senna can be a very dangerous laxative, even at lower dosages. Sense this is part of your colon cleanse regimen, I'm assuming you are not using liquid or tablets, but consuming it through tea. Its somewhat difficult to explain, but feel free to hit me with a PM first and I'll break it down a bit, it all depends on the amount of senna your digesting I suppose. I believe anything above 2/g a day is never recommended. Even at that dose not for periods of over 1 month. But don't quote me on that its
  5. Extremely good post Lyssa. I generally don't make posts on any of these forums, but have frequented them for many years and this is one of the best topics I've seen made. The secret is indeed 100% true, rather anyone here believes it to be so or not. Now a days it's pretty easy to do some research on this topic and find rather quickly that some of the most gifted genius of our time believed in this philosphy. However, you can do much reading on it etc and still find your missing out on a couple
  6. "He must be breaded or some shit" Someone implying the girl I was on a date with must be with me due to money and not my looks.(Unfornately money surely not the reason) An ex comparing my uneven skin texture to something like the back of a nestle crunch bar. I forget the exact quote. I'm sure this is the most creative line I'll hear in regards to my face. "If his skin were to stop acting up he'd be the better looking again" Family comparing me to my brother. Could go on
  7. Big props to MTV for doing a true life about this and to all trying out for it. Hopefully it'll fall into the hands of someone who has the ability to show what many acne sufferers truly go through on a daily basis. Good luck to everyone trying to get on the show, would be pretty nice to see a community member on there. [Removed] - What truly saved my skin and I Regimen Lukewarm water in am Lukewarm water in pm Baby brush exfoliate every Mon/Fri
  8. Whenever I feel a big inflamed pimple coming, or even if its already formed, the type that doesnt come to a head for awhile, I generally take an ice cube and gently keep it on for a few mins, helps me alot if I do that for a couple times a day every few hours. Don't go overboard with the ice though, just do it for a couple mins, will reduce size and maybe even the redness if your lucky. I know how easy it is to get depressed with this stuff, try to keep your head up and elude confidence tho
  9. Keep that attitude and I have no doubt you will succeed =) [Removed] - What truly saved my skin and I Regimen Lukewarm water in am Lukewarm water in pm Baby brush exfoliate every Mon/Fri
  10. Alright, not quite sure where to start, this will most likely be a very long post though, sorry in advance . I've been through many things this past year and while this post is mainly dedicated to that, I'm going to try my best to highlight what has made me open my eyes and take a few steps back to see my true self. A little over 2 years ago from today, back in August 06, I had what just became severe acne, after 3 years of having mild to moderate prior, I'm almost 20 now btw. On top of that, I