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  1. That paper is shit, it all about the metro Aha
  2. I started using AHA not sure the % of it, I use it twice a day wash my skin b4 used,dry and just massage it in till it absorbed then after at least 10min put some cream on and if ya going out in the sun it a must u use sun cream at least SPF 30 otherwise u make it worse, erm should try a patch spot and if it fine use it once a week then move on to mornings and nights if your skin ok with exfoliant face wash use that b4 applying the AHA it will work better
  3. I been usin this for a lil over a week, a few days into it i seen my face cleared up a lil No break outs,so far the light marks have cleared up a lot the darker marks are becoming lighter it all lookin good after a month i should see good results, i bought 2 tubs of the shit so i got months of rubbin this stuff into my face which takes fuckin ages twice a day,but it just the price ya gotta pay Well as the price tag grrr
  4. Hey, how has Meladerm been working for you? All the best!

  5. i ordered the 3.4oz tub should be here soon, hope it works out
  6. i live in the uk so a uk site would be best if not us. i been lookin but had no luck, 0.2% if poss
  7. Them pics make it look better then what it really is, I been doing a lil looking on ere and found these products 1 2 will any of them work ? I don't wanna use that HQ stuff, if peel bad for my skin tone then guess i don't wanna be using that too, any ideas ppl?
  8. they stand out alot more in the day light, much more darker then my skin color. so ya sayin some sort of peel but is there another way besides that?
  9. here some pics of some areas on my face 1 1a (lighting properly not the best) I had bad acne from round 15 upto 20, ages 24 few months ago it has left me with bad scars it has got better over the years but i need something to clear it up more quickly. what do u guys n gals recommend??? thanks