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  1. Talking about a very visible problem to people that does not deal with it, can't possibly imagine how that might be helpful? Feeling extremely skeptical due to previous experiences of : regular meditating routine Diet Fasting Exercising All work up until I realize how oily and "diseased" my skin looks after a long stressful day or when I do not stick to my socially unacceptable way of living? How can therapy help this?
  2. Winter + Christmas + ongoing latent stress brought about my acne flare and some new scars ( they look horrible under fluorescent lighting ) im having for 10+ years. Enough is enough! I figured I might as well die until I heal this, live is not worth living when you face look like you are a heroin addict. Day 5 now! Keeping up with self love, compassion, meditation and head held high for healing! Peace! ( If you are not educated in water fasting please read about it before commenti
  3. By assigning yourself equally valuable as your man, not many people cant do that not until they emotionally mature
  4. more friends, more trust in humanity, better health, more motivation to carry on, more sex for sure, more girls, better social abilities the only upside of this is i learn to be more compassionate towards other unlucky people, also need to find a way to not set my worth on the way i look, even though i get 100% validation of its imporance cognitive dissonance at ist best
  5. Not necessarily because of acne scarring but because of the emotional reasons of developing acne/scarring ? ps: yoga works buy only temporarily, if i see myself in a very bad lighting it comes back, how do I learn to deal with it? Should I go to therapy just only cause of this?
  6. What ingredients, brands should one look for? How much to apply that is not visible in conversational distance?
  7. Her pictures are all over the web Wondering what she has done so far to improve it, and whats the current status of her scars
  8. Hey, Im also joining the club, 80 hours in so far, aiming for 2 weeks at least
  9. Hey I also had 2 subscisions done with dr. Emil, 1st without filler, 2nd with filler, but after half a year I see no difference compared to how it was 2-3 years ago (before I started the scar repair journey) Its likely that if u do 10 sessions it will get better, but that'd be a fortune
  10. Post a picture about the current state of your skin, if you'd like
  11. what up mate, mines kinda similar, except I got less active ones on the cheek, but I think you are way to focused on it which makes it a hundred times better, instead of living life and start embracing it AND FOCUS ON EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL detox, i became a health nut since doing all kinds of experiements with fasting, fermented foods, vitamins, my skin is pretty good now (even after eating dark chocolate for 3 consecutive days which is crazy), of course the scars are bad with overhead light
  12. How do you clean the needles after use? Can I use vinegar? Or anything that can be bought in a regular store?