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  1. How do you clean the needles after use? Can I use vinegar? Or anything that can be bought in a regular store?
  2. not serious enough to cause you confidence issues, mines are a bit worse
  3. @beautifulambition Regarding you last line, so does that mean Sculptra is something I can buy and take it to Henningsen and he can perform the procedure even do he doesnt do it officially?
  4. thanks for the constructive feedback @beautifulambition so if I go with sculptra, i would need to have it refilled every 2nd year or sth like that? Or is it something that will transform into collagen? @cookingENG only these I found https://dermocosmetic.dk/priser/priser-sculptra-radiesse-behandlinger http://kliniklehmann.dk/behandlinger/sculptra/ http://www.cosmedia.dk/klinikker/cat/sculptra-injektioner-behandling
  5. @tasinhoooo is there a specific reason for choosing scupltra, or can I go with whatever dr Emil has Isnt it damaging for the fillers to do Infini after you have them?
  6. @tasinhoooo So should I wait couple more weeks or it doesn't make any sense Do it as soon as possible? did you also do fillers? @noa27 it was 5k DKK but as a said it doesn't make any sense to stop here as there is not much improvement yet
  7. Should I do fillers before or after INFINI? (Swelling after subscision) (Before subsision, morning skin) (Scars looking totally horrible in the worst possible lightning again two weeks after subscision) I live in Denmark, subscision was done by Emil Henningsen, was pretty expensive and didnt seem to bring basically any good improvement after the first treatment, however he mentioned it will be this way, and i will need fillers to see some progress, the question is would it make sense
  8. Hey can you post about your progress? mines are the same
  9. hey @CoconutRough currently I started working, has gone through a period of depression/stomach issues, so thats what im working on now, havent visited the clinic yet, probably will soon
  10. Thanks for the quick response and the suggestions I just wrote Dr. Henningsen hopefull will get an answer by tomorrow, however i cannot find anything regarding his name and " INFINI RF", is it something every dermatologist have?
  11. 1st pic: lighten by flash from the front (looks totally fine = 0 anxiety) 2st pic: natual indoor lighting (still totally fine = 0 anxiety) 3. light is coming from the top to enhance the depths of the scars (looks pretty bad = increased anxiety levels, but still ok since its the worst possible lighting) 4. same pic with some photo effect to really enhance the scars(this is seriously bad, i mean pretty horrible, even though its manipulated) havent done any kind of treatments on my sca