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  1. So I have exactly 10 more days till the end of my 6-month accutane course. Was it a success? F yea. Once off of accutane, what do i do? All ive been doing while on accutane is washing with purpose gentle cleanser and using cerave moisturizer. Do i continue this regimen infinitely? Or should i use other things once a month or two has passed since the end of accutane? I hope there are still some active ex-accutane members to answer this q... *crosses fingers* O, and one more question. How
  2. So i started accutane around the end of september. Im a 19 year old college student. I have tried tons of things to remedy my acne and oily skin (products include all sorts of cleansers, paulas choice acids, expensive boutique stuff, green cream, baking soda, BP, etc etc etc), but none of them worked. I had moderate acne with lots of red marks. I was put on accutane after trying doxycycline, tetracycline + retin-A. Neither were effective, and the latter caused severe sun sensitivty for me.
  3. So i started taking accutane exactly 1.5 month ago. I have always had mild/moderate acne that scars easily (pigmentation) and extremely oily skin (i look like i have saran wrap on my face when i wake up lol). For the first month, i was on 20 mg Amnesteem a day. It was wonderful as my body got used to it fairly quick, side effects werent too bad, and i rarely got acne any more (very trivial breakouts once a week, as opposed to unexpected ones every other day before medication). I was very hap
  4. Ahhh, i c. I knew it did not have a negative effect. Thanks for the enlightening responses. And sorry bryan, but the website is actually in another language.
  5. Ive read online that retinoids help with oiliness, but ever since i started applying green cream and other exfoliants, my skin's oiliness has either not improved or worsened (cant really tell, i have very oily skin). I read on a certain advice column at a website that because exfoliation (through acids and retinoids) will cause skin to be shed, oil production will increase since new layers are continually shed and are never fully moisturized properly. So do retinoids/acids worsen oiliness? If
  6. Hi Ive been suffering from mild acne for quite a while now. It worsened a few months ago, but now the acne is under control. I still have red spots left after acne, which has improved significantly within a couple weeks since i started using azelex and green cream (6). However, I noticed that my skin always has this some what unnatural glow to it. I do have oily skin, but i seem to have it even after washing. The way the light reflects off wear my acne used to be is different from places w
  7. I have tons and tons of these tiny flesh-colored bumps on my nose. Also, I have blackheads on my nose and select portions of my cheek. In addition, when the light shines on my face, its really gross because the light reflects off in a very unnatural way since i have tons of bumps, uneven skin tone, as well as oily skin. What are some good products I can use to get rid of these stubborn comedones? I have currently started using green cream and finacea, but i see absolutely no improvement for
  8. I kno this is a little random, but my hair grows insanely fast. Its genetic for me (from mother). It grows about 2-3 times (leaning towards 3) times as fast as a normal person (barber said so, not me estimating). On top of that, my hair is very dense (lots of volume) and is thick. And im a guy. What does this mean? Is there some sort of chemical reason for this? I want to kno wut fast hair growth means in scientific terms. I also have suffered from moderate acne so i was wondering if the
  9. So ive been reading up on Finacea and thought that it would be perfect for me (i got red marks + clogged pores). I have Azelex, the 20% one. Ive recently been using BHA (paula's choice lotoin) and green cream (sparingly). Is it okay to use BHA and Finacea at the same time? If I can, would Finacea morning + night and BHA only at night work as a good regimen? Also, can i use green cream from time to time as well?
  10. I was wondering if there was like a list of recommended dermatologists to see for acne-related problems. I understand there are tons of them, but I was wondering if there were any that dealt solely with acne or any that are renowned for acne treatments.
  11. I dunno if other ppl get this as well, but often after I eat a meal, I actually can feel the oil ooze out of my face. I do have oily skin (from my dad), and I have tons of clogged pores due to it, esp. on my nose. If I shine a light on my nose, there is like a fucking colony of bumps all over it. How do I treat this oiliness?
  12. I understand that as a precaution, most people should start slowly when using green cream (i.e., twice a week). However, I have used retin-A in the past (stopped like 5 months ago), and I know my face is pretty used to it. Does this mean that I can just start applying green cream every night? I have applied for the first time last night and I got zero bad reaction, in fact a slight improvement.
  13. So Ive been suffering from acne for approx. 3 years now. The first two years werent bad, as all I got were random pimples here and there, never a batch. During the beginning of this year, I had horrible breakouts and I got big large bumps, which severely depressed me (which is esp hard since I am in college). During winter, my parents brought me to a small boutique-like shop (sorry its in Tokyo) run by an acne sufferer who has her own products and treatments and such. I got a soap bar and mo
  14. SkateLTD


    I understand some people have had great success eliminating acne through diet, but has there ever been any correlation between redness and dieting?
  15. Hmm, I have never used BP and since i dont get acne any more, i simply wash my face and use emu oil (for red marks) and moisturizer. Yet, i still get these dry/red spots.