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  1. Definitely keep using the tretinoin. If you can work your way up to nightly use and then, after a few months, slowly introduce the .05 strength I think you would see an improvement in the texture. It won’t eliminate the issue but it will definitely help. At least that has been my experience. It will take a year to see meaningful changes but a year will pass anyway so keep at it. Good luck.
  2. Hi @Amanda Hall, thanks for posting such a thorough reply. I’m from Toronto too and finding that there really aren’t that many dermatologists who know how to deal with acne scars effectively. I’ve been to several It’s pretty surprising actually. Is it possible to provide the name of your plastic surgeon? I have a similar scar in my cheek that I thought to get excised. I’ve tried filler and it literally makes no difference to the appearance. Thanks again!
  3. @beautifulambition So a general orange peel texture is difficult to improve upon? Would Clear and Brilliant offer the best chances for improvement? The improvements in before and afters pictures I’ve seen, even coming from the C and B company itself, seem underwhelming. Perhaps there are particular settings that need to be used for orange peel texture in particular? I’m in Toronto and it’s quite difficult to find a Derm or Medi-spa that are comfortable with using anything but the standard manufa