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  1. I think using baking soda 11 hours later is pretty much a mute point. I don't think it will be that bad if you realized it and washed it off immediately. Did your skin frost and for how long? That will give you an idea of how much it really reacted with the TCA. ←
  2. It seems like TCA is all the rage on this board nowdays. I feel that there are not enough warnings posted on this board about the dangers of TCA. It scares me to death thinking that others could be worsening thier skin and scars. I used TCA to perform the TCA cross method, and now have two larger scars than the old ones were. It has been over a year now. So yes they are permenant. I have had a lot of sucess with skin bio peptides and glycolic acid to help rebuild these areas. They have slowel
  3. Neutralize with baking soda and hope for the best. It may or may not leave a scar. It's too early to tell. The higher the percentage of TCA the more likely you are to scar. Also you may want to keep a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on the areas for the next few days. DO NOT pick any scabs off as this WILL leave a permenant scar. Sorry to hear about your accident !! Hope it works out for the best!!
  4. Have you thought about taking some premoisted facial towlettes to camp? I use them when I go camping followed by oxy pads or stridex. Ponds, Olay, and Noxzema all make cleansing cloths. I use the Ponds because no water is needed. You just wipe your face and dispose of them. Then I use Oxy or Stridex pads to help cut through the oil and deep cleanse the pores. (Don't forget to also use sunscreen.) You can find all of these products at Walgreens, Walmart, or just about any pharmacy. If you're
  5. I agree with Gumby, "Out do them in life and smile." High School sucked for me in a big way. I had cystic acne that would be the size of nickels. I had people bully me, tease me, and just basically be a-holes!! One girl in the "A crowd" always had something smart to say to me later became scarred in life. She was in a motorcycle accident while riding on the back of her hubby's bike. The asphalt ground one side of her face to hamburger. (Hey, what goes around comes around!!! ) I went to my 10t
  6. I think the worst thing ever said to me about my acne was by a substitute health teacher who told me that he knew a boy that was dying to go out with me. He said this boy was just dying to go out with me, and did I want to know who it was? I was terribly shy, and didn't answer. So he said I'll tell you anyways. "He is deaf, dumb, and blind so he won't notice that your face looks like a pepporoni pizza." A few a-holes laughed and some of my class mates looked embarrassed for me. He then p
  7. Sorry to hear about your luck. I wish I had an answer for you, however, only time will tell. Sometimes red marks fade and nothing is left behind. Other times there is a permenant scar. You could try some lactic acid as it is supposed to help lighten red marks. There are other remedies that several have suggested on this board from time to time. There are so many in fact that they are to numerous to list here. You can do a search on red marks and see what you come up with. Most of the time in
  8. I have used it after peels to help calm my skin. I purchased mine through skin biology and have found it to be better than any moisterizer than I have used in the past. I personally like it a lot because it is one of the few moisterizers that doesn't break me and actually works to keep my skin soft. The only complaint I really have about it is the price. Hope this helps! Heather
  9. ssl, Try a lactic acid or fruit peel. They are very gentle. Use one of these peels at least once weekly. If after a few months you feel that you would like to move up to a stronger peel then try glycolic. DO NOT start with a TCA peel as these are very strong peels. ALWAYS start out slowley and move up in strength gradually. Otherwise you are taking a chance at scarring your skin much worse than it already is. Remember scar revision takes patience and a lot of time to repair. You may want to
  10. Go to skinbio.com and click on neck crease located in the left hand column of screen. I have used skin biology's products for over a year and have seen amazing improvement in my skin. There has been a definite decrease in my neck creases. Hope this helps. Heather
  11. Ivana, http://skinbiology.com/ is the site where you can purchase all of these products. FAQ PAGE http://www.skinbio.com/faqpage.html Shop by skin condition http://www.skinbio.com/quickshopskincondition.html If you are currently suffering from breakouts the site states that the serums are better to use than the creams. So for an exfoliator use Exfol serum and if you wanted to use a copper peptide then use CP serum or Super CP serum. The products seem kinda of expensive but a little bit
  12. I know when you want to fake tan elbows and knees you are supposed to apply lotion to those areas before the fake tanner. I keeps the fake tan from sinking into one area and looking too orange. You could try this with your brown spots. Look into http://www.sunless.com and see what tips they give for having a fake tan on your face.Read the sections on which fake tanner is for you as they are all different and the wrong one will make you look orange or just plain unatural. Make sure you exfolia
  13. Prettybow, Have you tried mineral makeup? It's all natural and does not cause breakouts. I wear a primer powder that I purchase from Cory's Cosmetics. It contains kaolin clay which absorbs the oil. You can purchase a sample for $0.35 and it will give you several applications. http://www.corycosmetics.com/primer_products.htm OR You could try Natural Mineral & Rice Powder Finalizers. You can also get a sample for $0.35. They control shine and oil very well! http://www.corycosmetics.c
  14. Has anyone ever heard of Hippocrates at-home skin resurfacing treatment? Better yet has anyone ever used it? I found it while searching for acne scar treatments. http://www.acne-scars.ca/acne-scars-treatment.htm#Skin It sounds good, but................ we all know how that goes!!!! :wink: