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  1. What up party people? Just thought I would drop a line since its been awhile. Looking at all the threads I kind of chuckle cause I used to feel the exact same way. But let me tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel and when you look back you will smile and quietly laugh to yourself about how much you worried about it. However, you might also regret all the time you lost in the process. Just go out and live your life and get some hobbies, maybe meet some people. Point is, this is t
  2. dude you dont "need" a girl friend. The more you want this the more it will allude you. Your 19 so this is not a critical situation. Some of the best advice I ever got was to expand my horizons. Instead of trying to get with the same girls that know you, go somewhere where you can be the "new" guy. Trust me if you try to keep getting with the same girls week after week year after year it is just going to frusterate you to no end. Chances are that if the girl had the option of dating you fo
  3. there needs to be balance. Looks to attract and chemistry to keep it going
  4. I wonder if people have met and hooked/dated other people through this website.....it seems quite logical actually
  5. hahaha now I think people have this image of me as a sex driven maniac. while this may be true on thurs.-sat., I can assure you taht sun-wed I am on my best behavior
  6. I have a similar outlook as Lyssa and I'm in college. xD To be fair, I wasnt always this cynical. I guess going to college in Miami changed this. On the one hand it made me tougher (mentally) while on the other hand I am a completley different person
  7. understood, it was getting heated and my intention was not to exasterbate your situation. It would be nice if more people had a similiar outlook as you
  8. huh I was hoping for a more insightful response then that
  9. You've got to be kidding me. My birthday's in 10 days, and guess what, I'll be fifteen! That means I'll receive my permit after passing the test, and I'll be able to drive. Guess I'll have to wait a few weeks and reply again. I'm sure my views will change a lot in that time period. Just because I'm 14 does not mean I don't have the right to voice my opinion. Nor does it mean I should be turned down just because of my age. You may not like what I say, but I do in fact have the right to say it an
  10. LOL. I'm fifteen in less than two weeks. I can assure you, I'm not just looking to get laid. Most girls don't actually, correct me if I'm wrong. I just know I'd prefer an actual relationship over some fuck buddies I didn't care about. Getting laid has nothing to do with coming to an acne site, at least that was not my intention. Just because people do have acne doesn't mean they don't have sex. true but clearness defiantly increases frequency I think I can speak for most people when
  11. *sigh* to be young and idealistic again. I am not speaking for everyone but the MAJORITY of people. When you can drive I think we can have this arguement again. I am sorry you may be smart and precocious but you just dont have the life expereince yet, simple as that. Now maybe you are the exception but go through high school and college and lets see where your views are then
  12. hmmm I want to believe that but again its one thing for people to say that and another thing for them to actually mean it. I dont know you so I cant comment on your opinions extensivley. Look lets just cut the BS and get down to the issue everyone is dancing around. Everyone just wants to get laid as often as possible. There I said it. Now everyone can attack me with their politically correct views but everyone knows that if they were getting some on a regular basis they would not be on thi
  13. Things Girls Say They Want: Someone who "understands them" Not about the looks, but about the "personality" A guy who does this and that blah blah blaah A translated version of Things Girls Want Money A guy that improves their social status A big di**
  14. First point: Have you been on accutane before? How do you know it will make your scars worse? When I went on accutane it actually helped to fade my scars, maybe its just me but it could help you Second: Now that you know how it feels to have acne, it will only make you a stronger person when it goes away, which it will. Trust me. I never had any in high school and then got it in college and let me tell you that its hard to get the motivation to go party down in South Beach and then walk aroun
  15. First of all it looks like you don't have anything to worry about. Second people are, by nature, to preoccupied with themselves to understand anyone else. And, generally, there are a lot of stupid people. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?.../a121154D25.DTL need I say more?
  16. wow I forgot I made this thread and never checked it, a lot of responses. Its funny because you think your the only one going through it until you see that even pretty people can be self conscious
  17. ugh I never thought I would be posting on here again. This site helped me a lot and I turn to it again. I went through my year on accutane and my face was immaculate. My scars were fading and I was scheduled for pixel resurfacing to get rid of the rest. All was well in my kingdom. Then it started. At first they sent scouts, it was just one or two small spots, and I brushed it off. Pretty soon I was back in an all out war. Needless to say I immediatley called my derm for another script bu
  18. has anyone else noticed that girls on this website are really attractive? why are they even on here they could be getting themselves NBA or NFL players instead of posting here. i.e. lameness is gorgeous
  19. when girls are young all they want are "god looking guys" so they can show them off and often mistake douchebag arrogance for confidence