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  1. Guess how many pages of paper your praised Infini can permeate ?
  2. @beautifulambition Are the scars severe or could I get a great improvement?
  3. 6 years are a very long time, I don't think he break up because of the scarring. My girlfriend always says she don't even notice my scars because she loves me and she can't see any difference between my old skin and my new scarred skin (sometimes I believe I'm just crazy and don't have to do any treatments but I will give Intracel a try Maybe you should also look into RF microneedling, I think you may could get some improvment. But before this go to your therapy. My scars encumbered me very h
  4. Based on these pictures what % of improvment could I expect approximately?
  5. @91baby Not sure if my private message have sent so I write here :) Did you got any further improvments and with what treatments? :) Because I think my scars are very similar to yours :) Maybe you're lucky and the filler shows also a few permanent results
  6. Okay, thanks :) I will say this all to my doc, but I'm sure he's very experienced :) Would you suggest subcision and fillers before doing Intracel or is then the risk that the Intracel destroys the filler and subcision again?
  7. Thank a lot Which settings would you use for the Intracel (how much mm)? And isn't there a risk for even more fat loss when I do RF microneedling?
  8. What would be the best treatment for that kind of scars that they don't look so deep anymore when the sun comes from behind? Thanks to everyone
  9. Okay thank you for all the answers Then I'm going to try Intracel 2-3 times and look how the results will be.
  10. These are some of my deepest scars in bad lighting :( That's why I hate them so much auf want to improve them. In good light they look very normal, but when the light comes from the side or from above they look deeper :( Especially when I see them in a shop window I hate them all But I'm sure all of us know this feelings Last one in direct sunlight. I think it's even better than in a dark room with light from the side
  11. @Petsme Have you already done subcision? I think they are too shallow for that. Usually subcision is only done for deeper scars. I think I will try out how Intracel works or maybe fractional CO2 Laser with minimal settings because I don't want to risk anything
  12. I don't know what they are because when I stretch my skin nearly all disappear, but some of them looks more like boxcar I think. I'm a little bit confused What treatment would you suggest? Is laser too risky?
  13. Hello, I wanted to ask what type of scars do I have? And are they severe or shallow? What treatment would be good? RF microneedling? Thanks for an answer. Robin