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  1. Hello, I'm starting my 4th month and I'm currently on 60mg. My eyes got really really dry so much that my vision would get blurry and my eyes were always bloodshot. My optician recommended Hypromellose eye drops 0.3%, these are really good at keeping your eyes hydrated through the day. You can get them in Boots you just need to ask at the pharmacy counter for them. Bargain £1.70! She also recommended an eye gel called Lacri-lube. It is as gross as it sounds and you put it in at night be
  2. About 2 and a half months in I started getting chest pains, following on from general joint pain in my hips and back. The other pain has pretty much gone (3 and a half months in now) but I still have constant chest pain and its lead to me having difficulty getting my breath, even when I'm sat down not doing anything. My derm wasn't very helpful so I went to my own doctor about it and she did loads of tests and consulted the drug licensing people in the UK (I think this was who she spoke to).
  3. Nausea - urgh!!!! This is definately accutane related. I had it constantly in my second month when my dose got increased, and then off and on since. The problem then was that people at work kept thinking I was pregnant, and now because I get so many hot flushes I think they probably think I'm going through the menopause! Ash - I can tick off pretty much everything on your list apart from diarrhoea fortunately! Also been having some breathing difficulties recently. I'm not sure if its becau
  4. I don't know if you can get prescribed accutane just for blackheads - if you ask that question on the accutane forum I'm sure there are loads of people who'll be able to give you more info. Accutane does stop the oil production in your skin so I suppose no oil production = no clogged pores. I know what its like with blackheads though - especially when you have so many its hard to find a nice clear bit of skin on your face?! Just be careful with those pore strips xxx
  5. My second course of accutane has been a lot harder. My first course the maximum I went up to was 60mg a day over 4 months, but I was living at home and still studying. 7 years later I'm now on 75 mg a day for 6 months and with work commitments its taken a lot more out of me. I've also had really bad side effects that I didn't get the first time around (lots of nausea, headaches, tiredness, arthritic pain in my hips, back and ribs and really, really, really sensitive skin - including hot ears
  6. Cpt. Dinosaur - thanks for the science lesson! I'm on accutane so my skin is far too sensitive for it at the moment I think but I'll keep it in mind for the future. xxx
  7. Whats AHA and why would it be good for shoulder/chest acne? Also why would it be in their pro-age range? Sorry, bit confused! Thanks xxx
  8. Hi Ben, Just wanted to wish you luck starting your accutane. Although some of the side effects can be bad it does vary from person to person so you may be one of the luckier ones. Remember to take good care of yourself tho (plenty of water, good food and sleep) because it does take it out of you a bit. Also I can't recommend that Aveeno moisturiser enough! I don't use it on my face but its a fantastic body moisturiser. I'm coming to the end of my third month and use it morning and night and
  9. Thanks Prznking but I don't fancy doing a Britney Spears! Tan44 - will defo try the olive oil thanks xxx
  10. I'm coming to the end of my 3rd month and have got really really dry itchy sensitive skin. I can manage this with lots of moisturiser but my scalp is getting really really dry and itchy as well. Does anyone know any good products to help with this? Also I'm desperate to get my highlights done, but I think my scalp is going to be too sensitive for the bleach. Has anyone had any bad reactions? xxx
  11. Hi Just wanted to warn people about over-using pore strips. It is amazing the immediate results that you can get with them because you can get rid of so many blackheads in one quick rip but they can cause permanent damage. I've always had really bad blackheads on my nose, the pores were really big and the black very noticable and I used pore strips for a couple of years whilst not on any medication. My over enthusiasm for them though caused a spider thread vein to develop on the bridge of my
  12. That's why I posted a reply bec I knew you could definately get the range in Lpool. Also Neutrogena do a really good lipbalm you might want to try. I'm on my second course of accutane, after a gap of 7 years, and take 75mg a day and I'm coming to the end of my third month on it. Side effects = rubbish! I have to confess that I'm a woolyback and not actually from Lpool but I work here now. Might bump into you tho in Boots - you never know! xxx
  13. Hi Steven, My derm prescribes me a big bottle of Aveeno body lotion with my accutane every month. The whole Aveeno range is available in Boots and Superdrug and is quite pricey so the prescription charge works out cheaper. I haven't tried anything else from the Aveeno range bec I don't need to use a heavy moisturiser on my face as my skin isn't that dry. The body moisturiser is v good tho - would definately recommend bec my skin is super sensitive and itchy. xxx